School Site Council PTA meeting The Greenbrook School School Site Council is a group of teachers, parents and community members entrusted with the task of academic goal setting. This school based management group gives the entire school community a voice in making important decisions which directly affect the quality of education in our school. The School Site Council acts as a liaison between parents, teachers, administrators and Board of Education members. It consists of six parents, five teachers and two school administrators. Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month. Some projects which have been developed by the Council are Author's Night, K-2 Bedtime Story Hour, and Math, Science, and Technology Night.

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December 14, 2010

Attendees: Heather DeLollis-Fitzgerald, Pat Holliday, Mary Walsh, Lynn Nowak, Pete Ciabattoni, Kathleen Walko, Rajneet Bajnath, Joanne D’Angelo, Subuha Din, Gail Magid, Myra Gildenberg, Sudha Kunamneni

Welcome: Heather

Board Report: Mr. Robinson was unable to attend.

Principal’s Report:
Mrs. Holliday reminded everyone that kids should bring appropriate winter clothing to school. In general, the school tries to avoid bringing the kids outside for recess when it is below 29 degrees.

School security drills: NJ has changed from a requirement of two fire drills per month to one fire drill and some other type of security drill per month. In November the security drill was to bring all the kids 1000 feet from the school. The December security drill will be a lockdown.

3rd-5th graders will get their first report card of the year at the end of this week. Report cards have changed due to changing NJ department of education standards. The 1-4 scale for performance has changed with the most significant change being that a rating of 2, which used to mean “needs improvement”, now means “progressing”. Parents should be prepared for this change and should not compare this scale with the scale used last year. A letter outlining the changes was distributed and will be sent home to parents this week.

Junior Achievement day was last Friday and was enjoyed by students.

Parent Volunteer Project
Mrs. Bajnath gave an overview of the parent volunteer project. This program will start with K-1st grade and will be expanded to later grades. The school is looking for parents who can commit on a consistent and ongoing basis to support instruction in the classroom. At least one day a week is preferred. Training of these volunteer parents will be in January.

Math, Science and Technology Night:
Math, Science and Technology Night is scheduled for March 10th.
Gwen Waxman, Lynn Nowak and Pete Ciabattoni will be on the committee for this event.

Next SSC meeting is Tuesday, January 4th

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