School Site Council PTA meeting The Greenbrook School School Site Council is a group of teachers, parents and community members entrusted with the task of academic goal setting. This school based management group gives the entire school community a voice in making important decisions which directly affect the quality of education in our school. The School Site Council acts as a liaison between parents, teachers, administrators and Board of Education members. It consists of six parents, five teachers and two school administrators. Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month. Some projects which have been developed by the Council are Author's Night, K-2 Bedtime Story Hour, and Math, Science, and Technology Night.

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March 02, 2010

School Site Council meeting March 2, 2010

In attendance: Lynn Nowak, Nancy Blanes, Heather Delollis-Fitzgerald, Pete Ciabatonni, Sabuha Din, Ms. Walko, Mrs.Gildenberg, Mrs. D’Angelo, Mrs. Waxman, Linda Plante, Susan Schatzman, Bridget Stump


Welcome: Heather and Susan


Principal’s report: Mrs. Holliday was unable to attend due to the rescheduled District Summit, so Mrs. Waxman filled in.

-Due to the school closing for snow days, May 27 and 28 and April 5 schools will be open.

-March 13 Odyssey of the Mind showcase will take place at Greenbrook from 8:50AM

To 12:00PM.    Judges are needed so if anyone is interested contact Ms.Walko.

-March 19th grades 3 to 5 report cards will go out.

-Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled for March 23rd to 26th.

-PTO Scholastic Book fair will be held at school on March 23rd to 26th

-District Art Gallery at SB HS on April 14th

-Thanks to the PTO the Weatherbug weather station was installed. It is a great tool for the teachers to help them with their curriculum.  Mrs. Waxman loves it.

- Need to fill April 6th assembly date. Maybe use I-movie 5th graders did with Mrs. D’Angelo.

-Entertainment Night went well.


Math, Science and Technology Night March 11th

Star lab has arrived in the school; so far everything is set.


Author’s Night 5/20-Mrs. Gildenberg and Mrs. D’Angelo-have pencils, bookmarks being made, will purchase little notepads to give to the authors.


Kindergarten orientation Book Drive-Gently used books donation flyer will be going out. A box will be set up at school for drop off. Might coordinate with the Scholastic

Book fair.


Next meeting: April 13th

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