School Site Council PTA meeting The Greenbrook School School Site Council is a group of teachers, parents and community members entrusted with the task of academic goal setting. This school based management group gives the entire school community a voice in making important decisions which directly affect the quality of education in our school. The School Site Council acts as a liaison between parents, teachers, administrators and Board of Education members. It consists of six parents, five teachers and two school administrators. Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month. Some projects which have been developed by the Council are Author's Night, K-2 Bedtime Story Hour, and Math, Science, and Technology Night.

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Heather DeLollis-Fitzgerald


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November 17, 2009

School Site Council minutes 11/17/09


In attendance:

Patricia Holliday, Heather DeLollis-Fitzgerald, Dr.Matthew Speesler, Peter Ciabattoni, Joanne D’Angelo ,Myra Gildenberg ,Kathleen Walko, Linda Plante, Sabuha Din, Lynn Nowak, Nancy Blanes, Gwen Waxman, Sudha Kunamneni


Welcome: Heather DeLollis-Fitzgerald


Board of Education report: Dr. Speesler

-Finalizing work on the NJQSAC (NJ Quality Single Accountability Continuum)

-Budget cycle will be starting soon, so the Board will be working on putting together the budget for next year next

-The Board of Ed. meetings will not be broadcast live anymore, due to problems with the feed from Crossroads North to the township’s control site. They will replay taped versions the following day since there are so many problems with the live feed.

- There was an energy audit report at the last board meeting.  The board is looking into energy conservation for cost savings.


Principal’s Report: Patricia Holliday

-Crossroads North will have Mark Daniels as their new Principal.

-Kimberly Malory-White will take over for Mr. Daniels as Indian Fields’ principal.

-December 3rd picture re-take day

-A+ program at Stop and Shop started. Please sign up.

-H1N1 update.  Our school is trying to be diligent about washing tables, kids hand washing, etc. to help prevent spread of flu like symptoms at school.

-Conferences went well. Thanks to the parents for coming to the conferences and taking an active role in their child’s learning.


Mother and Daughter Book club-Ms. Sisko

-12 pairs signed up. Will be discussing Beauty and the Beast in various versions. Next meeting is December 7th.


-Math Science and Tech Night –March 11th .

   Mrs. Waxman will partner with Mr. Ciabattoni on this project.

 -Mad Science will participate as well as some parent volunteers who are in the science field.

-Author’s Night-5/20/09 Mrs. Gildenberg and Mrs. D’Angelo will chair the event


New Proposal- Heather DeLollis- Fitzgerald:

-Book arts workshop for teachers. Art teacher and parent Mrs. Amme has offered to do a workshop at a faculty meeting.


Next Meeting December 1st at 7PM

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