School Site Council PTA meeting The Greenbrook School School Site Council is a group of teachers, parents and community members entrusted with the task of academic goal setting. This school based management group gives the entire school community a voice in making important decisions which directly affect the quality of education in our school. The School Site Council acts as a liaison between parents, teachers, administrators and Board of Education members. It consists of six parents, five teachers and two school administrators. Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month. Some projects which have been developed by the Council are Author's Night, K-2 Bedtime Story Hour, and Math, Science, and Technology Night.

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February 19, 2008 In attendance: Susan Schatzman, Nancy Blanes, Lisa Carneglia, Cheryl Confalone, Heather DeLollis-Fitzgerald, Myra Gildenberg, Judy Walters, Pat Holliday, Gwen Waxman and Ann Sisko.

Susan and Nancy welcomed everyone and discussed that after the meeting there would be a speaker on college savings planning from Merrill Lynch.

Pat reported that the February 15th in-service for teachers focused on writing and the work of Lucy Caulkins.

Myra added that for many Greenbrook teachers it was a review of what they already use in class but it reaffirmed what they practice. The day also provided some new ideas for non-fiction writing.

Pat further reported that K-2 report cards went out and that 3-5 report cards will go out in mid-March. Grades 3 and 4 NJ Ask testing will take place during March 10th to 15th. There will be 3 days of testing for grade 3 and 5 days of testing for grade 4. The grade 5 test is in May.

Pat mentioned another Parent Academy that was occurring Feb. 20th at Crossroads North entitled Raising Happy, Healthy Kids. There will also be a Budget Steering Committee meeting held that afternoon. The budget is purposed to have funding for the restoration of the ball field and basketball court at Greenbrook. Feb. 28th would also be the District Summit that would consist of reports by the various Central Office departments. The public is invited to attend this meeting. The school also just received a technology grant from Best Buy for $2,000.

Lisa and Cheryl reported on Math, Science and Technology Night. They said that the turn out was about the same as last year. They felt the teachers really promoted the event in the lower grades. They suggested that it be less crowded by the gym area next year. They would also like to hand out the programs as people enter the door next year.

The Multiple Intelligences Workshop is scheduled for March 18th. Heather reported that she and Joanne met the week before to adjust the power point. They would like to use the computer lab so that people could fill out an online survey to determine which intelligence is their strength. The March 18th meeting will be at 7:00 and the workshop will begin at 7:30.

At the next meeting Author’s Night will be discussed. It is scheduled for May 8th.

Ann reported on the Mother/Daughter book club. The group liked the last book so much that they chose another book by the same author. It is titled Becoming Naomi Leon.

Cheryl discussed having a Healthy Nutritional Choices for Children workshop. It may be scheduled for the May 20th SSC meeting in the faculty room.

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