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K-2 Spanish

In grades K-2, classroom teachers use the SALSA video program to introduce the Spanish language.


SALSA is a special program through which kindergarten, first and second graders watch some of their favorite stories, like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Little Red Riding Hood, and Three Billy Goats Gruff, in Spanish. 


Here is the Salsa website where you can find the episodes, the focus vocabulary, and some fun games for you to try with your children:





The students' Interactive Spanish notebook is their Fast Pass to learning Spanish.

To learn how to set-up and use the notebook to enhance Spanish learning, click here.





imageDear Parents and Guardians:

Welcome to our Spanish class!  My name is Senorita Zsido and I am excited to be able to continue teaching the 3rd, 4th , and 5th grade Spanish classes at Greenbrook this year.  My Spanish classes this year will be on Monday and Wednesday.  During the remaining days I’ll be teaching Spanish at Indian Fields.  If you need to reach me on a day that I am at Indian Fields, please email me, as this will be the quickest way to contact me.   

Spanish classes are highly interactive and lots of fun.  Throughout the year, your children will be learning to speak, comprehend, and write basic sentences in Spanish through many engaging songs, games, and performance based projects.  Classroom participation is very important.  The more your children take the initiative to participate in class, the more Spanish language they will acquire and the more comfortable they will become speaking the language.  Practice leads to proficiency!

Learning a foreign language is not only fun but will open a whole new world to your child.  Students who are able to speak more than one language will have advantages over other students in both the college application process and eventually the job force.  In addition, studies have shown that foreign language learners score higher grades in mathematics, reading, and science.  Children studying foreign languages will also gain an appreciation and understanding of other cultures, as well as make new friends.

As a parent / guardian, you are your child’s greatest resource in the learning process.  A simple way you can support your child in their learning each day is by asking what he or she learned in Spanish class.  I encourage you to help your child practice and review vocabulary in small amounts (5-8 words) each day.  It’s not the length of time, but the frequency your child spends using the target language that helps him/her become fluent.  Your encouragement and support is essential to your child’s success.

Please purchase a notebook and a pocket folder for your child, so he/she may track their success throughout the year.   If you have any questions or comments as the year progresses, please do not hesitate to contact me at Greenbrook School, 732-297-2480, or via email at Alaina.Zsido@sbschools.org.  Thank you for your continued support throughout the school year!

Senorita Zsido

3-5 Spanish

In grades 3-5, students meet with Señorita Zsido once a week for 35 minutes to implement the district's World Language elementary curriculum.


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Websites to Visit

To celebrate national Hispanic Heritage Month, click on the link below to play games, hear Spanish pronunciations of new vocabulary words, and learn about some of our famous Hispanic Americans! Enjoy!


For further practice, visit the sites below to play games, hear Spanish being spoken and interact with the Spanish language at home!







Check out the videos below for some fun Spanish songs!


“Spanish speaking countries” by Barbara MacArthur
Students learn the names of the Spanish speaking countries as they see them highlighted on maps.

“Cuenta” a Spanish number rap.
Students rap as they count from 1 – 30.


Students sing a song about different colors of balloons as they review Spanish colors (rojo/red, amarillo/yellow, azul/blue, y verde/green). This is a great song to play with musical chairs, or a modification of the game.

“Mi Familia Grande” by Barbara MacArthur
Students review family member vocabulary as they sing about a big family living in a little house with many animals and only one bathroom! Oh no!

“Como es tu familia?” rap

Students review family members and rap about how many people are in the family, as they describe each of their characteristics, such as eye color, likes, etc.

“Como eres?” rap
Students learn about adjectives, or descriptive words, as they sing a rap.

“Dolor de cabeza” by Barbara MacArthur
Students review body parts as they sing a song about different body aches and needing to call the doctor.


Students sing as they tell time and relate the hours to different countries around the world.

“Spanish alphabet song” by Barbara MacArthur

Students sing along to the Spanish alphabet as they march.




If you have any questions or comments, please email Ms. Zsido at Alaina.Zsido@sbschools.org or call the Greenbrook School office at 732.297.2480