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What is the role of an elementary Student Assistance Counselor?

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Will I be informed if my child is seeing the counselor?

Yes. You will receive a letter or phone call if your child is invited to spend time with the counselor on a regularly scheduled basis. We will need your permission for your child to participate in “Friendship Groups”.

What types of issues bring families in to talk to the counselor?

**Some examples are the following:

loss of a pet

illness/death in the family

family moving

new baby

child having trouble with friends

teasing or bullying

student struggling with school work

battles over homework

parent’s job change

divorce or separation

**In fact, there are as many reasons to talk to a counselor as there are sources of stress in our lives, (and that is a lot!!!).

Is counseling helpful to kids and families?

Sometimes, the best action you can take toward helping your child succeed in school is to talk to a school professional about your concerns. A brief consultation with a teacher or counselor during the elementary school years is good preventative medicine and can often insure future success. We all want our kids to like coming to school and to feel good about themselves during the hours they are here. Your sons and daughters will become “good citizens” as they recognize their own strengths and appreciate their peers.

Do Counselors provide parenting information?

Yes. We frequently talk to parents about issues concerning child development, behavioral strategies, and coping with parent stress and “burn out”. Every parent experiences stress, and we all need help with managing behavior. By consulting with a counselor, you will leave with ideas and new parenting strategies which will assist you in managing your child in a positive way. The climate at home will improve with practice. We also offer select books and pamphlets from our parenting library in the counseling office. No childhood problem is too small to consider.

Some common parenting issues are:

Bedtime “hassles”
Mealtime struggles
Getting ready for school
Separating from parents
Homework routines
Sibling rivalry
Listening and cooperating
Helping around the house
Setting up rules and limitations
Using respectful language
Bedwetting/ sleep disturbance

Is counseling private?

Yes. Conversations with the counselor are confidential. Counselors break confidentiality, as required by law, when someone threatens to hurt themselves or someone else or reports some type of abuse.


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