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Hello Parents & Artists!

I am SO happy to be back at Greenbrook this school year! I will be updating my webpage occasionally throughout the year and I will also do my best to upload student artwork to Artsonia as much as I can. It is a great way to see what amazing pieces our Greenbrook Artists are creating! You can even leave compliments for your favorite artists!

View our Greenbrook Artsonia Gallery


The 4th & 5th Graders have been working on name kaleidoscopes. As they finish they have been able to use some cool kaleidoscope-making apps. Many of them have asked me what the names are so that they can download them (free!) at home... so here they are!

-Kaleido Free

-Symmetry Lab

As the year goes on and we use more apps on the iPads I will try to post the ones the students really enjoy in case they would like the opportunity to use them on their own time!

Email me with any questions or concerns at

-Mrs. Kipnis