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Busy Bees Class News

April 18, 2014

Dear Parents,
     This week teh Precious Piggies will be working with the letter "Ee".  We will spend this week studying an egg-laying animal, birds.  We will compare and contrast them to other animals we've studied this past year.  Also we win finish our study of the 5 senses.  Please complete four out of the five homework assignments.
     - Count how many eggs make a dozen.  How many?  Is it an odd or even number?  How did you know?
     - List three animals that lay eggs.
     - Using sidewalk chalk, draw and color 4 eggs.  Make a different pattern on each one.
     - Measure the length of an egg carton with dimes.  How many dimes long is it?  Now measure that same egg carton with nickels.  How many nickels long is it?  Why the difference?
     - Help an adult cook an egg a new way.  Try it.  Did you like it?  What was it called?  Draw and color a picture of the kind of egg dish you made.  Label.
Thank you for your help.
                                                              Ilene Pawlak
- While the weather is colder in the morning, please dress in layers because if the children go out in the afternoon, often the weather has changed.
- Please wear or bring sneakers daily.  Hopefully the children will be outside and on the equipment.
- If your child is a girl, please wear shorts underneath dresses and skirts so if they are climbing on the equipment, they are covered.