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May 18, 2015


Dear Parents,

    This week the Mooseketeers will learn about ants.  We will compare and contrast ants to bees.  This will be the last week of homework for the Mooseketeers.  Please choose 4 out of the 5 assignments.

          - Watch some ants.  Where do you think they're going?  What do you think they're doing?

          - If you were an ant, which job would you want to have?  Why?

          - Pretend you're on a picnic.  You have 6 cookies but 4 ants came and each of them took a cookie away.  How many cookies would you have left?  Draw a picture showing this story.  Write the number sentence.

          - Read a book about insects.  Draw and label of picture of the insect you liked best.

          - Name two ways ants and bees are the same.

Thank you for your cooperation.


                           Ilene Pawlak


- Your child needs to bring a healthy snack each day.

- There is an early release day on Wednesday, May 20, 2015.

- If your child wears sandals to school, please send them with sneakers for the playground. 

- Spring is here!  It is getting too warm for long sleeves when the children play outside.  Instead, send in a sweatshirt!