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Our class trip is on Thursday and I only have one parent as a chaperone!!  I need 2 more.  If you can rearrange your schedule and would like to join us, please let me know immediately!!  Thank you.


April 13, 2015


Dear Parents,

    For the next two weeks, the Mooseketeers will be learning about the five senses.  We will be doing a variety of activities as a class.  Here are this week's homework choices.

          - Using your sense of sight, pick out the clothes you will wear to school.  What did you see that would help you with your choices?

          - Pop some popcorn.  How does it smell?  Write 3 words to tell about its smell.

          - Get a blindfold.  Sit down at the dinner table.  Taste each food.  Can you guess what you're having for dinner?  Were you right?

          - Listen to some music.  Was is slow or fast?  Draw yourself dancing to the music.

          - Help pack your lunch for the field trip.  Make sure everything is disposable.  Don't forget some healthy choices that taste good!

     Have fun.  Thank you for your help!

                                Ilene Pawlak


- Our class trip to the Discovery Museum is Thursday.  Please make sure your child is wearing comfortable clothing and sneakers.  There will be places to climb and run. 

- Dressing in layers is still best!  Winter coats are too warm for playing on the playground in the afternoon.