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Class News

January 26, 2015


Dear Parents,

     I hope everyone is enjoying the snow!  Bundle up those children and send them outside to play!!!!! 

     This week the Mooseketeers will continue their study of reptiles, but focus more on snakes.  Hence the letter of study this week will be "Ss". 

Please complete 4 out of the 5 choices and return the homework book on Friday.

          - Since snakes do not have legs or arms, try to slither across the room without using your legs or arms.  Can you do it?  Write a sentence explaining how it felt.

          - Name one way you are the same as a snake.  Write one way you are different.

          - Practice skipping.  Skip to a friend's house.  Count how many skips it took to get there.  Write down the number of skips.

          - Write down a list of names beginning with letter "S".   How many names did you write.  Be sure to use a capital in the beginning.

          - Draw a picture of what you like to do in the snow.  Write a sentence telling me about your picture.

Thank you!


                                 Ilene Pawlak


- Thursday, January 29, 2015 is Math, Science and Tech Night at Greenbrook School.  I hope to see you there!

- Continue to practice your address with your child! 

- Many of the children have used their extra clothes at school.  Please be sure to replenish them with a clean set.  Most children are short on pants and undergarments.