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My approach creates the climate; my mood makes the weather. ~Make it a sunny day!


Please visit our class weebly for details about daily homework.



Important Information

Please remember to have your child dress appropriately for school each day! 

Bring layers... and feel free to leave a sweatshirt or sweater at school. 

Students will go outside everyday (weather permitting), so they should

wear sneakers and appropriate outerwear. If your child is not dressed appropriately,

then he/she will not be able to participate in gym or recess activities.


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Specials Schedule
Phys Ed/Orchestra
Phys Ed/Bank
Study Island

Study Island is a great way to extend student's learning into the home.  All that's needed is a computer and internet connection.  To use Study Island, log on to www.studyisland.com, and have your child enter their username and password.  Make sure that your child uses pencil and paper when necessary.  Study Island is also a great preparation tool for the PARCC in April.




The presentation of work should repressent pride in one's accomplishments These are the standards we expect all children to adhere to in order to perform at their highest level.


*ALWAYS do your best!


* The proper heading must be used on all papers that are submitted. This includes first and last name and the date.


*All papers must be handed in without rips, crinkles, or fringes


*All papers that require a final draft must be submitted typed or in blue or black ink.


*Absolutely no "White-Out" should be used at school.


*Pencil must be used in math.


*Your work area, as well as any area that you use, should be kept neat and organized.


*Edit all written work.


Please be aware that these standards will be enforced at all times. Work that does not meet these standards will be redone and resubmitted as assigned. Thank you for your cooperation.

Contact Information
If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at Aileen.Beck@sbschools.org or by calling the Greenbrook School office at 732-297-2480.