Supply List for Incoming 3rd Graders


Hello New Third Graders!
Please send these items to school with your child on the first day of school.

Items marked with an asterisk (*) will be collected and used by the entire class.


Six (6) marble composition notebooks
Three (3) 2 pocket folders (plastic)
One (1) box of 24 crayons
Three or four (3-4) glue sticks*
Ten (10) pencils*
Two (2) 3x3 post-it notes* (with lines if possible)

Two (2) packs of blank white index cards

Two (2) black or blue expo markers
One (1) box of tissues*
One (1) roll of paper towels*


Optional Items:

Colored pencils
Thin markers

Hand sanitizer
Zip-lock plastic bags (sandwich size and gallon size)