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Phys. Ed
Music & Library
Phys. Ed.

Please make sure you wear sneakers on Mondays and Fridays for gym.


You should bring your library books on Mondays so you can exchange them for new ones.
Word Study Homework
Open Sort (In an Open Sort students find common traits in the words and sort them into groups. They create headers for these categories and write the sorts into their Word Study notebooks.)
Closed Sort (A Closed Sort is grouping words together based on a given spelling pattern. Spelling patterns will be discovered together Tues. in group.)
Free Choice (Students will choose a spelling activity from the list glued into their Word Study notebooks. They should vary their choices each week.)
Final Closed Sort and Study (Students will glue the headers and words into their Word Study notebooks. They will study for a spelling test on Friday.
Study Island
Study Island will be available for all third grade students once the school year has begun. A notice will be sent home with the student's username and password when the account has been set up.

Study Island is a great way to extend student's learning into the home. All that's needed is a computer and internet connection. To use Study Island, log on to www.studyisland.com, and have your child enter their username and password. Make sure that your child uses pencil and paper when necessary. Study Island is also a great preparation tool for the NJ ASK3 exam in March.

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If you have any questions or comments,
please contact me at tara.shortreed@sbschools.org
or by calling the Greenbrook School office at 732-297-2480.
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Monday: Spanish

Tuesday: Gym

Wednesday: Music and Library

Thursday: Gym

Friday: Art