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May 20, 2016

Hello Dolphin Families,

     Lots of excitement today for Field Day! Thanks to our wonderful gym teachers for organizing all of the fantastic activities and making it a very special day for the students. We couldn’t have field day without our parent volunteers --we are truly grateful for your help! And, there is lots more happening in our classroom...take a look.

     Our first grade reading life is filled with all kinds of books for learning and enjoyment. The students read fiction and nonfiction on their own and for reading instruction. We are looking at these books in new ways as we explore topics in both fiction and nonfiction. For example, students read an interesting article in Scholastic News called Koala Rescue about the ways that Koalas are in danger from humans. Then we read Koala Lou about a little Koala who thinks that his mother is too busy to love him. The students learned a life lesson from the book--that moms and dads always love their children even when they are at work, far away or busy. And, the story taught us that Koalas are excellent climbers so students learned that fiction stories can include facts too.
     Please keep in mind that Raz-Kids is available for all students on any device. The book selections are both fiction and nonfiction topics. I have pre-set each student’s book choices based on their independent reading level. Students are encouraged to use the audio feature first, then read and reread the book on their own. The quiz at the end of the book will show your child’s comprehension. Password: mrsmagidsclass

     The students are learning to express their opinions about lots of topics. Just like Alex in I Wanna Iguana, they are reading and writing letters to tell what they think. First graders wrote letters to Mrs. Mahoney to ask for an ice cream machine in the cafeteria. They wrote to me about their favorite games and activities in school. They wrote to Mrs. Mills about field day. And, they wrote to their parents about getting a new room. The students learned how to format a letter, state an opinion, support it with reasons and write a friendly closing.
Here are the stories we shared in class: I Wanna Iguana  and I Want a New Room

Problem Solving
     The students are exploring 3D shapes. They are learning to identify attributes such as sides, vertices and faces. It is important that students recognize shapes in their daily life too. That is a skill that you can practice at home or in the car, for example, Let’s look for cylinders. Other 3D shapes that 1st graders should know are rectangular prism, pyramid, sphere and cube.  We are learning more about equal parts by enjoying many fraction activities that reinforce naming fractions related to an object or group. Students should understand that the bottom number of a fraction represents the number of equal parts in the whole, and the top number names one or more of the parts. For example, if I have 3 balloons and one is red and two are blue, I can say that ? is red and ? are blue. We started to work on telling time on an analog clock. In first grade, we teach time to hour and half-hour. If students are ready, they will practice quarter-hour as well. If you have an analog clock at home, ask your child to read the time as it reaches the hour and half-hour mark on the clock.

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     You can peek into our classroom by following me on Twitter @gail_magid --I am excited to post photos of the things that we are doing in class! Visit our Weebly page for more photos here:
Please note that I am not able to post full class photos due to media release restrictions.

     Our trip to Von Thun’s Farm is coming soon. Thank you to all who offered to chaperone. I am working out those details now and will notify my chaperones as soon as possible.

     Are you moving away from GB? If so, please contact Donna Sock in our front office at ASAP so that we can process the forms and get the records sent to your child's new school.

Ask About…
*Share your experience at field day with your family. What was your favorite activity?
*If I share my pizza with 5 others in equal parts, what will each piece be named?
*How long is a minute? Ask your parent to time you doing jumping jacks for one minute.
*In the poem The Red Red Robin, what does the poem tell us to do to be happy? Live, love...

Enrichment activities online: (reading) (reading, science) (problem solving) (reading, problem solving, games)

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