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February 1, 2016

Hello Dolphin Families!

    First graders are excited about the snowy weather! We read What Do Snowmen Do At Night. The story inspired us to find out, so we went outside and built snowmen with partners. We stayed in the shallow snow and on the sidewalk to minimize wet clothing and shoes. Students borrowed gloves from lost & found to keep their hands warm. The snowmen are standing right outside our window We will check on them to see if they are up to any funny business while we are gone!

    Our trip to Jenkinson’s was wonderful! Thank you, to the parent volunteers who chaperoned our group. I hope that you heard about the many sea animals that we visited, especially the sea urchin, sea star and horseshoe crab that we were able to touch. Among our favorites were the penguins, Luseal the blind seal and the sharks. Now we have lots to write about during writing workshop. The students are creating a class book, All About the Aquarium. They are collaborating with a writing partner to plan, organize, write and illustrate chapters. The students will also learn how to do a Google search for images of the animal that they write about.

    Readers continue to build reading stamina by reading independently, in reading groups and in shared reading with the whole class. They are talking about reading and making connections to their own experience. Surely these conversations deepen understanding and enhance the students’ reading enjoyment. Some readers are experimenting with plays and looking forward to performing them for the class. Others are learning about nonfiction topics such as How Chocolate is Made, eager to teach classmates and family all about it. I see that the students are trying new kinds of books, both from our classroom library and the Greenbrook library. Thank you for your visits to the South Brunswick Library as well.

    Please note that the February homework includes a 100th Day project. Students will make a collection of 100 objects to display at school. See the homework page for details.

    Mark the date! February 11 is Math, Science and Tech Night at Greenbrook School. This is a free event for students and families sponsored by our School Site Council that showcases student learning. There will be many activities as well as the Star Lab. First graders will experience the First Grade Penny Challenge including a variety of iPad apps, math games and experiments. Students are welcome to bring a building creation from home to display.  I hope to see you there!

    International Night is February 19 at 7pm. This is a free cultural event for all Greenbrook families. Our class is focussing on the African nation of Zambia. Come and see the collection of animals and facts that 1st grade students have prepared. A special thank you to the parent volunteers that have been working with our students.

    On Feb. 25, the Mobile Dentists/Smile Program team will set up a mini-dental office in our building to provide dental examinations, cleanings, fluoride treatments, x-rays and sealants (if necessary) for children who returned the forms. Your child will be scheduled during the school day. You will be notified so that you can attend the exam if you choose to.  

Ask your child about…..
-How many ten sticks do you need to make 100?
-Tell about some interesting homes we read about and saw on Google.
-Why does a horseshoe crab have a long, pointy tail?
-Tell your family about your chapter in our class book about the aquarium.
-What kind of animal are penguins? How do you know?

Try these websites for enrichment activities:   (reading)   (reading, science)   (problem solving)   (reading, problem solving, games)  (math)  (math, games)  (math, reading, spelling)

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