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February 5, 2018

Dear Families,

     Take a peek into our 1st grade classroom!

Reading Workshop
     The Panda Class loves to read! I hope that you notice the progress your child is making when they read with you at home. The children need to hear your voice as a reader, so please read aloud to your child as often as you can. In class, students are reading independently everyday, and with reading buddies to talk about their reading. As readers advance they tend to read more quickly, often missing important parts of a page or story. Please encourage your child to slow down. Ask them questions about their reading and set the expectation that you want to talk about it. We are studying nonfiction text and learning about features of text. The students enjoyed Hope For Winter about two dolphin friends. Ask them to share the story with you. As we begin our new science unit, Properties of Water, books such as Amazing Water and All the Water in the World are helping students to appreciate the importance of water in their everyday life and in the world around them. They made posters to show their ideas about what water is, where it is found and why it is important.
Writing Workshop
     We are applying what we know about nonfiction reading to our work as writers. We are learning from real authors who are experts at topics that interest us. Wild Cats is one example of a favorite book that shows us the importance of writing an introduction, table of contents and chapters. Students are learning how to choose a topic that is a good fit, how to gather facts about the topic and strategies for organizing their ideas. They are learning to write labels and captions to identify pictures. Class projects give students the opportunity to work together--discussing, planning, sharing and implementing ideas. Currently they are collaborating on a book about sea animals from our trip to Jenkinson’s Aquarium. They are choosing specific animals to write about, drawing and selecting images, researching facts and incorporating the features of nonfiction.
     First graders are beginning to grasp the concept of place value. They are learning to talk about the value of digits, to represent the value with manipulatives and to use their new understanding to solve problems. Number sense is becoming more stable, meaning that the students have an understanding of what numbers mean and their relationship to one another. They can perform mental math (in some cases) and can use numbers to solve problems. Some students are using math tools, but others are moving toward automaticity. Concepts such as more and less are practiced with larger numbers (ten more and less) and students are encouraged to visualize the numbers without a hundred chart. Our goal is that students demonstrate fluidity with numbers as we move into more complex concepts such as operations.
Projects & Homework
     This month we will celebrate the 100th day with math, science, tech and literacy activities. The February homework includes a home project for your child to create their own collection of 100 objects. These can be actual objects such as pasta pieces, cereal or beans (no nuts please) or other food or household items. Students many draw objects if they wish. The only criteria is that there be 100 objects. Be sure that the objects and glued or taped well because they will be displayed in the hallway. Poster board or any kind of study paper works best. I have plenty of poster board if you need it, so feel free to reach out. Our class will have a Valentine exchange on February 14th. A class list will be provided. Valentines are optional, however if your child chooses to participate, they must bring a valentine for every student.
     Thank you for helping your child to be successful with their homework. Be mindful of the reading component on the monthly homework. Library books, Scholastic News and other age appropriate text are great resources. These online resources are great: and
     Math, Science & Tech Night is February 22 at 6:45 pm. First grade will showcase the Great Penny Challenge among other fun and interesting activities. The SB Robotic Team, Forensics Club and others will be there so plan to bring the family to this free Greenbrook event.
Ask your first grader about…
* Tell the value of each digit in this number: 111
* What is the human body mostly made of?
* In the book Water Dance, tell four or more places where the author showed us water.

Mrs. Gail Magid
1st Grade Teacher
Greenbrook Elementary School
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