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May 24, 2015

Hello Families!
     The students learned more about Memorial Day at our Friday assembly. The band played patriotic themes, we saluted the flag and listened to The Star Spangled Banner and watched a slide show about Memorial Day and its solemn purpose. The students behaved respectfully and continued to be curious about the day with their thoughtful questions.
     We are exploring force in all kinds of ways. Students were thrilled to examine our playground to determine the kind of force needed to move each piece of equipment. They explored speed and distance by moving around--moon walking, spin walking, side sliding, speed walking, running, crab walking, etc. They created art to identify the path of motion with marbles and doodle tops. There is still a lot to explore as we study invisible forces such as gravity and magnetism.
      Students enjoyed making 3D sculptures with toothpicks and marshmallows--hopefully they made it home somewhat in one piece! The learning goal was to make and name a rectangular prism, cube and triangular prism. We are working on telling time on an analog clock to the hour and half hour. Students should be able to identify the parts of the clock, understand that there are 60 minutes in an hour and 60 seconds in a minute.  Our focus now is non-standard measurement and coins. The students completed the end-of-the-year math assessment this week. A few students will be given the second grade assessment to determine acceleration to third grade math. Parents will be contacted to discuss this option based on student performance.
      In writing workshop, the students are getting ready to publish their personal narrative stories with a focus on writers' craft. They have enjoyed learning how authors use special techniques to make their stories interesting for readers. Children's literature such as The Relatives Came, Puddles, Shortcut, The Leaving Morning and others show us how craft is used.  Dialogue, show-don't-tell, sound words, big and bold text and ellipsis are some examples of the craft that we used in our stories.
      Teacher Appreciation Day was wonderful! Thank you for the many ways that you contributed to making it special for my colleagues and I. 

Some events to keep in mind:
* Class trip is coming soon! Students should wear sneakers and sunblock. Remember that we will return to school in time for lunch.
* Field Day is Friday May 29. Students must wear sneakers. Sunblock must be applied at home. Send a labeled water bottle. Pretzels will be provided for snack.


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