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April 11, 2014

Hello Families!  

      We enjoyed speaking with all of you at conferences! The students have a lot to be proud of as readers, writers, problem solvers--they are becoming more and more independent as their skills develop. Reading has become a first grade passion as students realize that they can read everything in the world around them! In class, they are reading fables, folk tales, fairy tales, realistic fiction and not-so-realistic fiction. They are learning from books about planets, animals, science, places and real people. While we continue to build our word-attack skills for new text, we also focus on comprehension strategies. Please be sure to talk about your child's reading when you are sharing books at home.The more that they talk about their reading, the better their reading experience will be.
     I shared some non-fiction writing with you as evidence of your child's skills in writing about topics they love.  They learned that non-fiction books have a table of contents, then tried making one. They learned that non-fiction has an introduction, so they wrote one. They learned that non-fiction books have chapters to organize the facts, so they organized their writing by chapters. They illustrated every page and wrote captions to explain the pictures. So many details, so much dedication. Finally, our work was ready to share. Every student chose a chapter to teach and presented it to their classmates. We celebrated our good work with hot chocolate and popcorn.  Our new writing unit is Author's Craft--a study of how authors use techniques to make their true stories better for readers.
     The students are working on a social studies project to learn about their place in the world. It began with an exciting view on Google Earth of the world, North America, New Jersey and finally a bird's eye view of Greenbrook School.  Next, the students learned some interesting history of Our Town, South Brunswick.  Then they learned Our State flower, fruit and bird. The last page of the project is Our Country with a map of the USA and a student drawing of a symbol of America.
     Save the date: Friday April 25 is the First Grade Musical. The students are practicing several Earth Day songs to perform for our school community at the assembly that morning. You are welcome to join us at 9:15 a.m.

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Ask your child about…

  • What is the New Jersey state bird? Flower?

  • Ask your parent to show you your home on Google Earth.

  • This shape has three vertices.

  • Skip count by 5's starting with 40 and keep going as high as you can.

  • Name three symbols of the U.S.A.

  • Tell your family a story about our trip to see Henry & Mudge. Start wtih a super sentence and twin sentence.

  • What is 6 worth in this number:  266 (There are two answers!)

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