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June 13,  2016                                                                     

Hello Dolphin Families,

     June has been a very full month already! Our trip to Von Thun’s Farm was wonderful, I hope that you heard all about it. The students especially loved the farm animals and strawberry picking. Check out our Weebly for photos from the farm :


    Readers are exploring both fiction and nonfiction books for pleasure and for learning about new topics. A class favorite was STAY, The story of Ten Dogs.  This is a nonfiction book that tells about Luciano, a circus performer who came to be a trainer for the Big Apple Circus. Luciano loved animals--his passion was rescuing dogs from the pound and shelter, and turning them into circus dogs. The students worked independently or in groups to make a project about Luciano and his pound puppies. Some made big posters, others created a skit about the characters being interviewed on TV, and several chose to make character puppets. Everyone performed or presented their work to a very enthusiastic audience! Over these next few days,  our focus will be the work of Eric Carle. We enjoyed a number of his stories and decided to write our own fiction story in the style of Mr. Carle. Students planned their characters, setting and the problem or circumstance that the character must overcome. They will write the story, then illustrate it with collage like the pictures in Eric Carle’s books.


    First grader writers are nearly second graders! They enjoy reminiscing about special events, activities and other great memories from first grade. That’s why we will compile those memories in 30Hands, a digital app that allows students to draw and write their favorite 1st grade memory. I will email the link for you to see your child’s work as soon as the project is complete.


    Our last unit of study in science is Force. The children have been exploring visible and invisible forces such as pushes and pulls, the path of motion, magnetism, gravity and the transfer of force. We recently had a Science Expo with our friends from the Gildenberg and Hayward classes. Students used magnets to move objects. They showed that force can move from object to object like in bowling, gears and domino trains.  They used their own energy to create force with their bodies to move frisbees and hula hoops. The students enjoyed Magic School Bus Gains Weight to further their understanding of gravity. They also made gravity racers to test their own reflexes against the force of gravity.    

Connect With Us

    You can peek into our classroom by following me on Twitter @gail_magid --I am excited to post photos of the things that we are doing in class!   Please note that I am not able to post full class photos or certain students due to media release restrictions.

I am planning a class celebration for Friday. Thank you to the parents who offered to help with activities. We are still in need of popcorn and ice pops and appreciate your help.

Ask About…
*What did you learn about a donkey’s hearing that is amazing?
*What coins could you use to buy an ice cream for 25?? Tell or show two ways.
*Tell your family what would happen in your home if there was no gravity? Is it possible to jump and stay up? Why?
*In the book 21 Elephants and Still Standing, why did Mr. Barnum march his elephants over the Brooklyn Bridge?

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