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November 23, 2016

Hello Families,
   We have been learning about the first Thanksgiving and the ways that our families celebrate the holiday. We enjoyed sharing memories of favorite foods and traditions that focus on family and being thankful for the freedoms that we enjoy. We met with our fourth grade buddies today to share stories about friendship, Fall and Thanksgiving. The students were thoughtful about the people and things that they value most, making a thankfulness banner to show their ideas. Our class collected several bags of food for the food drive--thanks so much for your support.
   Your children are thankful for many people and things including….Xavier is thankful for his Mom...Saniya is thankful for her friends...Karim is thankful for his family...Bhavyaka is thankful for her brother...Wesley is thankful for Oliver...Nana is thankful for his family...Chloe is thankful for her cats...Saanvi is thankful for her friends… Swarit is thankful for his Mom and Dad...Sahitya is thankful for her Daddy...Ishaan is thankful for his brother...Kayla is thankful for love...Rishabh is thankful for his grandparents...Aaban is thankful for school...Farida is thankful for her friends...Isac is thankful for his teacher...Hamsha is thankful for her teacher...Chase is thankful for his Mom...Olivia is thankful for Mrs. Magid.
My wish for your family this Thanksgiving holiday, is simply that you are able to find the time to laugh together and have some fun!
Take a look at our learning...

Reading Workshop
We have enjoyed lots of favorite stories in recent weeks including A Turkey for Thanksgiving, Punctuation Takes a Vacation, The Pigeon Wants a Puppy and This First Thanksgiving Day. Check out this Cynthia Rylant story, In November, to share with your child: . Poetry is one way that we practice fluency. Poems such as In the Fall, November and the First Thanksgiving offer students an opportunity to read with expression, notice rhyming words, build vocabulary and check comprehension.
Writing Workshop
First graders are learning about nonfiction writing. They learned how to make scarecrows and muffins as an introduction to our how-to unit. Thanks so much for all of the clothing and recycled bags that you sent in. As the students learn how to do something new, they are learning about the elements of how-to writing. This week, students worked with a partner and collaborated to write a class book. Soon they will learn how to choose a topic and begin writing in order to teach others.
We continue to practice number partners in a variety of ways--with cube towers, dominoes, number games, card games and others. We are skip counting by tens and fives. We made a number line with our handprints so show the number patterns for tens and fives. Tally marks are helping us to represent numbers in groups of fives. Please practice counting by fives at home, encouraging your child to flash-five with their hand so that they begin to understand the value of each new number instead of reciting the number pattern.
We have finished our study of pumpkins until next Spring when we will check on the seeds that we planted in the first grade garden. In addition, we planted a whole mini pumpkin in the soil and hope to see growth many months from now. We will do a bit more learning about living things when we visit the aquarium early in the new year.
Thank you for helping your child to be successful with their homework. Encourage the children to read a few minutes every day. Library books, Scholastic News and other age appropriate text are great resources. I like this online resource as well:

Ask your first grader about…
* Tell about making a scarecrow--how did you work together and what did you do?
* What are the parts of a leaf?
* Why is punctuation important to readers and writers?
* What did you write on your leaf at buddy class that you are thankful for?
* Count by 5’s as high as you can go.

Mrs. Gail Magid
1st Grade Teacher
Greenbrook Elementary School

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