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January 9, 2017

Hello Families,
It is a winter wonderland outside and first graders are excited about the snow! Scarves, hats and gloves are important, even if students are quickly getting in and out of the car or bus. I hope that you have seen the photos posted on our Weebly, check back often for new ones.There is a lot going on in the tiger classroom, take a peek at the highlights and important dates.

Reading Workshop
The students enjoyed many read-aloud books during the holidays. We explored lots of year-end holidays in order to recognize the various cultures represented in our classroom as well as similarities in the ways in which families celebrate holidays. We made peace candles and festive cards to express our love and thanks for the ones close to our hearts. We enjoyed a Greenbrook sing along and winter celebration as 2016 came to a close. Our focus in reading instruction has shifted to non-fiction. Students are learning that many authors write books to teach us about topics of interest. Of course, first graders love books about animals, far away places, science and how things work. In the coming weeks, we will explore water as a science topic as well as many real-life stories such as the work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Writing Workshop
Our writing work has progressed from the how-to format to all-about topics. Now that students have a sense of sequence in order to teach a task or activity, they are eager to share more about the things that they enjoy. Sports, animals, games and the many special interests of first graders provide endless story ideas for writing workshop. We always celebrate our writing by first publishing a favorite story, then sharing it with others. This week, we will celebrate with kindergarten friends. We’ll learn how to make cereal treats and share them too--the best part of cooking is always eating what you make.
Number bonds for 9 and 10, skip counting by 10s and 5s, counting backward, solving math stories and missing addends--we are still practicing these concepts as we begin place value. Students are learning the importance of digits in forming numbers and that the location of the digit determines its value. It is important that students are able to compare numbers by understanding that 14 and 41 are comprised of the same digits but represent very different values. So, we practice building numbers with manipulatives such as digit-blocks and cubes so that students can actually see comparative value. Soon we will work on breaking numbers apart in order to show them as tens and ones in an equation.
Thank you for helping your child to be successful with their homework. Encourage the children to read a few minutes every day. Library books, Scholastic News and other age appropriate text are great resources. Try this online resource:
Ask your first grader about…
* Tell your family about the how-to book that you are publishing.
* What is your wish for 2017? What will you work on to get better at in the new year? Parents, share your wishes too.
* In the number 15, tell how many groups of ten and leftover ones.
* Count by tens like this 6, 16, 26...keep going!
* Talk to your parents about the lesson that Mrs. Lillian shared. How is tattling different than reporting?
Important Dates:
-First grade field trip Feb. 2--details coming soon!
-Math, Science and Tech Night-Feb. 23. Save the date.


Mrs. Gail Magid
1st Grade Teacher
Greenbrook Elementary School
Attitude Determines Altitude--Fly High!

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