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February 23, 2015 

Hello Families,

It was exciting to watch the students perform a Brazilian dance at International Night! Those that were unable to be there enjoyed watching the video on Monday. A big Thank You to the parents who made it happen--taught the dance, coordinated the practices and made the costumes. Sadhika's mom, Yatin's Mom and Vedha's mom--it couldn't have happened without you.  

Another big event for first graders was the 100th Day celebration. The hallways are lined with amazing collections of all kinds of objects, designs and messages counting down our 100 days together. I hope that your child shared some of the days festivities with you. There were 100 math facts, 100 hearts, 100 cats, 100 words, 100 steps, 100 pennies, 100 tosses, 100 puzzle pieces, 100 dominoes, 100 get the idea. The students self-managed 20 tasks including their favorites--100 licks and 100 snacks. Thank you for the generous snack donations. The next day, the students took their 5th grade buddies on a 100-step trip around Greenbrook school comparing their feet and stride along the way.

Beth Caruso is the district technology coordinator for K-2. She is working with the students on a special tech project. Ms. Caruso introduced us to a new app called 30 Hands. The students first created a peace-themed page with paper and pencil. They used that page to plan their digital page, adding text and illustrations. They took a group "selfie" and learned how to add the photo to the project. We will send you the link as soon as the project is posted.

We began a new science unit this week. Students are learning all about the Properties of Water. Starting with a bucket filled with water, spoons, sticks, cups. brushes and sponges the students explored lots of ways to move water. Using their senses, they observed the way that water sounds, looks, feels and smells. Next, they investigated water drops. Using pipettes to make tiny drops, the students tried moving drops without breaking them and noticed that the shape  changed when it moved. They tried placing two drops close together resulting in the drops sticking to each other. The students were challenged to place drops on the face of a penny--as many as possbile without a spill. This is a good experiment to try at home. Ask your child to demonstrate the property, water sticks to water.

Snow prevented our theater trip to SBHS, however it has been rescheduled to Tuesday February 24. 

Ask your child about…
* How many dogs can you remember in the book The Very Kind Old Lady and Her 100 Dogs? Tell your family about our dog hunt.
* We can use tens and ones to solve tricky addition equations. Use the strategy to solve 35+44=__. Then explain how it proves your answer.
* We learned a poem about water. Why did the author call water a magic potion?
* How many drops did you predict would fit on the penny? How many actually fit when you did the experiment? Why is it possible to fit a lot of drops on a penny?


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