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March 31, 2017

Dear Families,
Please take a moment to see what your child has been working on recently!

Reading and Writing Workshop:
We have returned to personal narrative writing. Students are learning from authors who write these kinds of stories. The Relatives Came and A Chair for My Mother are two favorites that demonstrate how to tell a story with details that hold the reader’s attention. Readers are working on comprehension strategies. Rereading, slowing down and visualizing the action are a few that we are practicing. Students are talking about character traits and how characters solve problems. They are making many connections to what they read and experiences from their own life. Social studies topics include homes, community and women in history. Ask your child to tell you about the crazy homes that we researched in Google. It is Autism Awareness Month. First graders loved the story Only One You about the sameness and differences that make all of us special. They thoughtfully contributed to our school puzzle--every student shared their talents and other things that they are working on.

Our study of water included a snowball observation and the Ice Cube Challenge. It is amazing how long children can watch a snowball melt! They were eager to check on it every two hours throughout the day and one last time the next morning. A few days later, students accepted the Ice Cube Challenge--they worked with partners to figure out strategies to change the form of water from solid to liquid. They were very serious about trying different techniques --I thought that they were creative and hilarious! Earth Day is next month so we’ll connect what we know about water to ways to protect it on our planet.

The students are becoming flexible with strategies to solve different kinds of math stories. Problems that ask how many more than are very tricky. Tools such as the number line and model drawing help students to show their work. Balanced equations are another way to practice operations, especially with math facts for 10,11, and 12. We are solving two digit addition equations with tens on the hundred chart and using iPad apps to make our skills stronger.

Technology: Our class presented our All About Jenkinson’s Aquarium slide show for Mrs. Colquist’s second graders. Every student shared their sea animal slide and answered questions from the audience. If you were not able to view the file that I sent via email, it is posted on the Weebly page along with some new photos here:

Homework: Thank you for helping your child to be successful with their homework. Encourage the children to read a few minutes every day. Library books, Scholastic News and other age appropriate text are great resources. These online resources offer all kinds of fiction and nonfiction text for every reader:

Ask your first grader about…
* What are the three forms of water?
* We looked at lots of crazy homes--which was your favorite? What is special about your home?
* How can you add tens to a number quickly on the hundred chart or in your head? Like 14+30. Show your parent how to count by tens from any number.

Mrs. Gail Magid
Greenbrook Elementary School
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