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May 5, 2016

Hello Dolphin Families,

Enjoy these highlights from our first grade classroom!

     The students were very excited to present what they learned from their research about animals and their habitats during our Earth Day study. The inspiration came from the hopeful message and artwork in Dear Children of the Earth. Students collaborated with a partner to write a script, design a beautiful mask and present their work to fourth grade buddies. They performed This Pretty Planet with Ms. Papa’s wonderful guitar accompaniment. I am hoping to post the video of the performance created by fifth grade friends on our Weebly.
Ms. Caruso visited our classroom to teach us a new app called Sticky. Students took selfies on the iPad, then chose words to describe themselves and labeled their photo with the words on virtual post-its. Sticky is a free download.
     Please keep in mind that Raz-Kids is available for all students on any device. The book selections are both fiction and nonfiction topics. I have pre-set each student’s book choices based on their independent reading level. Students are encouraged to use the audio feature first, then read and reread the book on their own. The quiz at the end of the book will show your child’s comprehension. Password: mrsmagidsclass

     We are wrapping up the last phase of our Writers as Mentors with Craft unit. The children published their favorite piece and shared their work at our Author’s Book Signing this week. Students role-played authors, TV interviewers and fans. They dressed up with ties, scarves and cool shades, collected autographs and interviewed the famous authors. 
     Your children have been working on some very special projects. After enjoying Miss Rumphius ( about a woman who promised to make the world a more beautiful place, the students spread lupine seeds around the perimeter of our school yard. They planted lettuce in honor of mothers--you’ll soon see why--and painted cherry trees to celebrate Spring.

Problem Solving
     First graders enjoy exploring shapes! They are learning to identify the attributes of 2D and 3D geometrical shapes. The story of Grandfather Tang introduced the tangram puzzle to students. They were able to use the 7-piece puzzle to recreate animals from the story as well as other more intricate designs. Students are also working with fractions. They are using vocabulary such as equal parts of a whole, half and fourth. Play-dough donuts, apple pie and pancakes connects fractions to our real life . This week, students were pizza makers filling orders for “½ pepperoni ½ plain” as they matched equal parts to make a whole pizza. They made a special recipe and noticed that fractions are an important part of learning how to cook. 

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     You can peek into our classroom by following me on Twitter @gail_magid --I am excited to post photos of the things that we are doing in class! Visit our Weebly page for more photos here:   Please note that I am not able to post full class photos due to media release restrictions.

Good Luck Miss Papa!
     Our wonderful student teacher, Amanda Papa, ends her time with us this week. The Dolphin Class has become very fond of her and she will be missed. We are sad to say goodbye, but know that Miss Papa will bring her compassion, creativity and talents to her next opportunity. We wish her the very best as she graduates from Rider University and pursues a career in elementary education.

Ask About…
-Share your experience as a famous author at our celebration. Tell your family your favorite part.
-Draw a delicious donut and show how to share it with four equal parts. Label them with fractions.
-Did you enjoy the salad dressing that we made? Tell your parent what ingredients we used and why fractions are important in cooking.
-Tell your family what you know about a rectangular prism--its faces and vertices. What objects in your home are rectangular prisms?
-We watched a professional dance performance at assembly. What did you enjoy most about the show?
-Check out a class favorite by Tom Chapin: This Pretty Planet 

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