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January 23, 2015

Our trip to the aquarium is coming soon. You can help by reminding your child to stay in his or her group and not wandering away from the chaperone or teacher. We will have lunch at the aquarium so remember to pack a bag lunch.  There is no accomodation for purchasing lunch or carrying a lunchbox. Pretzels will be provided for snack. 

Math, Science and Tech Night will take place on January 29 at Greenbrook School, 7:00 p.m. This is a free event for children K-5. Please bring the children back to school after dinner to enjoy the activities, games, displays and experiments that are being planned for them. If your child would like to build something to put on display, send it school on the day of the event, labeled with their name and we will make sure that it gets to the building expo area.

Our focus in reading has shifted to informational books. Reading groups are exploring all kinds of non-fiction text as they recognize elements such as headers, captions, graphics and photographs to name a few. They are soaking up all kinds of facts about chocolate, animal tails, carnivals and camping. Some topics are brand new and others provide easy connections to first grade experiences. Non-fiction brings the opportunity for new vocabulary words so students are practicing multiple strategies to figure out more challenging text. We are sharing non-fiction stories too, Twenty One Elephants was a recent class favorite. It tells the true story of the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge, and P.T Barnum's idea to parade his elephants across it.  Ask your child to tell you why he did it.

Writing workshop has shifted to non-fiction as well. The students are planning stories that will teach others. They are very engaged in sharing their expertise in topics ranging from different kinds of animals, sports, holidays, fun places to visit, crafts and my favorite, first grade. We begin with strategies to find a good-fit topic and then immerse ourselves in the facts we already know about the topic. The students learn to organzie their ideas into chapters and make a table of contents. Soon, they are writing chapter pages and illustrating their work with sketches and diagrams. 

THis week, we read about the boyhood of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We practiced a poem called Martin's Dream. The students shared their feelings about a time when children weren't able to play together because of the color of their skin. We visited our 5th grade buddies and did a project together together about our dreams for the future.

We are exploring place value with lots of activities and games. The students are just beginning to understand the meaning of digits having a value based on their position in a number. Partners identified the ones and tens place on two digit playing cards then verbalized the value of each place. They used manipulatives to build numbers and traded ones cubes for ten sticks, counting by tens and ones. Their favorite class game was played in teams, Guess My Number. Ask about it and try it at home.

Ask your child about…

  • In the book A Flower in the Snow, what did Bear do to bring back Luna's smile?

  • Tell your family about the Foot & Fiddle assembly today. What was your favorite part?

  • Sing Martin's Dream for your family.  (It starts like this:  Martin Luther King had a dream...repeat 3x. He had the whole world in his dream.)

  • In the number 51, what is the value of the ones place? Tens place? Now try 15. Explain why they are different.

-Reading is the most important part of daily homework.
-Please send a small snack everyday.
-Math, Science and Tech Night is coming on Thursday January 29 at 7:00 p.m.


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