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March 10, 2017

Hello Families,

It was a pleasure to meet with all of you at conferences! The students have come so far since they began their first grade journey--I am very proud of their hard work! Just a few of our recent projects and lessons include...

Reading and Writing Workshop: The students were excited to share their All About writing with a 4th grade buddy. The older students were patient and encouraging to their younger friends as they listened and asked curious questions. The first graders were proud to share their favorite topic, chapter by chapter. As we return to personal narrative writing, students are ready to write the stories that tell about their own lives. This new unit will focus on zooming-in on small moments by adding interesting details, dialogue, varied punctuation and more authors’ craft. As readers, the students continue to choose lots of nonfiction books for independent reading. During reading instruction they are learning about the elements of story including setting, main idea, character traits and more. They participated in Read Across America by sharing the stories or Dr. Suess. They read with the whole school when we dropped-everything-and-read in the hallways. And, they learned the wise words of Dr. Seuss in the poem I Will Read.

Science: All first graders participated in our Science Expo. Each class experienced three lessons including Water Conservation, Sink or Float and the Water Cycle. Students added predictions, notes and sketches to their science journals. They created 3D models of the water cycle and labeled the parts evaporation, condensation and precipitation. Ask your child to explain how it works. In addition, we explored the shape of water and concluded that water does not have a shape of its own but takes on the shape of the object or place that holds it.

Math: The students are practicing math stories with three addends and missing addends. They are learning to compare numbers and choose the appropriate operation to solve the problem. They are practicing stories with questions like How many did you have to start? Math stories present challenges for first graders because students must first understand what is happening in the story, then determine what is missing. Strategies such as singapore models and part-part-whole models help students to visualize the story to solve it.

Technology:I shared your child’s Jenkinson’s work with you at conferences. The students have been practicing presenting their slideshow for second grade friends. Along with a partner, they will talk about an animal that they saw at the aquarium and researched for our class book. Be sure to ask your child how they feel about making a presentation and sharing what they know about sea animals. Our presentation is on Monday. We participated in SB Digital Learning Day. We talked about the ways that we use technology in our classroom and tried to narrow down our favorites--Raz Kids, Brainpop Jr, Splash Math and Go Noodle. We enjoyed If You Give a Mouse an iPhone, by Ann Droyd. Check out our Weebly page from time to time for new photos!

Homework: Thank you for helping your child to be successful with their homework. Encourage the children to read a few minutes every day. Library books, Scholastic News and other age appropriate text are great resources. These online resources offer all kinds of fiction and nonfiction text for every reader:

Ask your first grader about…
*What shape is water? How do you know? How old is water?
*In the story Cloudette, the character wanted to do big things. What do you want to do that feels big to you?
What do you hope to become when you are grown?
*We do yoga to practice mindfulness. What is mindfulness?

Mrs. Gail Magid
Greenbrook Elementary School
Attitude Determines Altitude

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