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June 9, 2017

Hello families! Read all about your first graders’ busy school days...

Reading and Writing Workshop:
Students are expressing themselves in new ways. They are writing letters to state an opinion and giving thoughtful reasons to support it. The Tigers started by writing thank you notes to
Mrs. Mills for a fabulous field day. Each student chose their favorite activity and told two reasons why they thought it should be back next year. From there, we used mentor texts to learn how famous authors persuade others. I Wanna Iguana was a clear favorite! I hope that you are ready to be persuaded to have a new pet for your home...the children have become quite good at thinking of solid reasons for just about any new wish that they might have. They wrote letters to Mrs. Mahoney (for an ice cream machine in the cafeteria) and to me for a class pet, more toys, puzzles and a popcorn machine in our room to name a few. We wrote a class letter for a pool in school...we are still waiting for a reply. Another favorite story was The Day The Crayons Quit. Each child chose a favorite crayon color and wrote a letter to the Crayola factory asking for lots more crayons in that color. My favorite request was for more dandelion because the lawn is filled with so, so many of them to color in one picture. Clever kids! We are enjoying the work of Eric Carle, a favorite of many for his artistic stories about love, friendship and hard work. So far, we have read and studied The Grouchy Ladybug, The Mixed Up Chameleon and The Very Busy Spider.

Math and Science: The students worked hard on the EOY Math assessment. We will continue to practice all of the concepts as we move deeper into time, money, measurement and logic. Mad minutes are a fun way to keep our addition and subtraction math facts fresh. The students will race against themselves to try to improve their scores and timing. In science, we are studying Force and the ways that objects move. The students have explored pushes and pulls, magnetism and the transfer of force. They enjoyed many activities such as simple pushes and pulls on the playground, hula hoops, frisbees and bubbles. They learned that magnets have an invisible force that can push or pull objects without touching them. They experienced the transfer of force as they built domino snakes, played bowling and worked with gears. We have airplanes to build, magnetic sculptures to create and rockets to test during these remaining days together.

Technology: The students are enjoying math apps such as Geoboard, Geometric Crash, Tangram Mania and Shape Quest to name a few. has lots of literacy, math, strategy and skills activities that we use in class. These are all free or online resources available on your device. Don’t forget to visit BrainpopJr. as well.

Homework: Thank you for helping your child to improve their skills by keeping up with homework! I will be sending home a summer math book for the students to work in to keep their math concepts sharp. Reading is the most important thing that your child can do to be ready for second grade. The South Brunswick Library has an excellent summer program for your child that is completely free. Be sure to stop by the library to check it out. Online resources offer all kinds of fiction and nonfiction books for every reader and can be found here: and .

Important Dates:
*Class EOY Celebration 6/21. We are in need of two additional parent volunteers. Email me if you are available to help from 1:45-3:00.
*Library books are past-due! Please send any books that you still have to the library as soon as possible.

Mrs. Gail Magid
Greenbrook Elementary School
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