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March 12, 2015 

Hello Families,

I am so proud of our first graders for their work in digital publishing! I sent you the link for the new project that the students worked on with Ms. Caruso called Peace is. I will list it here as well:

In addition to that beautiful work, I posted our Peace Candle book here:

Both projects have a place for you to comment on your child's work and I encourage you to write something. I will be sure to check for comments often so that we can share them in class. The students are so enthusiastic about writing all-about books that I have extended the unit for a couple of weeks to give them a chance to write more in this genre. We hope to share this work with our kindergarten friends who will join us in a special authors' celebration soon.

Science is all about discovery.  The first grade science investigations immerse students in activities that allow them to discover new things about water and its properties. We recently watched water climb up a cup through an ordinary paper towel. The students watched patiently with wonder as the towel absorbed the water and traveled right up the side of the cup. With that new experience, the students were able to understand the way that living things absorb water from the soil to grow. Similarly, cabbage leaves sitting in red, blue and green food dye quickly changed color as the veins of the cabbage filled with liquid dye. Another investigation involved big bins of snow--we watched the snow change from solid form to liquid. We used our senses to examine the properties frozen of water, wondered about the changes, made predictions and recorded our thinking. 

We are studying homes in social studies. With poetry, fiction stories and non-fiction read-alouds the students are gaining a broad understanding of the way that people live here and in other places. The students especially enjoyed the many, many interesting homes on Google images. The children were amazed by the upside down house, the strawberry house, shoe house, crazy tree houses and awesome castles perched high above the water. Ask your child to show you-- search Google images for interesting houses or homes around the world. We will extend this learning to our community and people who help us. It is important that you teach your children to know where they live. They should learn your street address, town and phone number. Practice often!

We honored Dr. Seuss' birthday and work by sharing many of his stories. The Cat in the Hat remains a class favorite! We had a surprise visit from Ms. Sharon, who shared one of her favorites, The Diggiest Dog. We have a large collection of Dr. Seuss books in our classroom and in the Greenbrook library so the students read them often. Many are available as read- louds online as well. 

Math stories are getting harder. We are working on subtraction stories that require strategies to determine how many more or have a missing part. We are using tools such as hundreds charts, pictures and manipulatives to make the strategies more concrete. Even students who have strong problem solving skills find that proving the answer is difficult, so we are practicing that too. Counting forward and back by tens is an important skill that we practice everyday. You can help at home by choosing a random number and asking your child to tell you the number that is ten more and ten less. 

Date to remember: April 14 is Spring Literacy. Our School Site Council will host a free literacy event for K-5. We have something special planned for first grade--bring the family!

Ask your child about…
* Water sticks to water and to some other things too. Your snowflake painting proves that although water sticks to paper, it does not stick to _____? Explain this to your family.
* We enjoyed the SBHS production of Red and the Wolf. Was the Wolf really big and bad? Talk about it.
* We saw lots of pictures of homes around the world. Which one was your favorite and why?
* Count by two's. Start at 20 and add two more until you get to 50. Write the numbers.


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