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November 13, 2015

Hello Families,

     There are exciting things happening in our classroom as students explore new concepts and share new ideas! 

  • First grade writers are learning about the kind of writing that teaches others. They are exploring cook books, directions, manuals and other how-to books to get a feel for this kind of informational writing. The students are working on a book project where they are learning how to make a character out of a pumpkin. This project will serve as our first how-to book. Our next class project will be making scarecrows. If you are able to help by sending in an item from the list that went home, we appreciate it!

  • Readers practiced read-to-someone in reading workshop. Students are reading poems, magazine articles and independent reading books. They are making smart choices about quiet places to read and deciding the best way to share the words.

  • Science is all about pumpkins! Students observed the outside and inside of pumpkins as they learned about how pumpkins grow, the parts of a pumpkin and ways that pumpkins are used in food. Ms. Caruso, our tech teacher, visited to bring our study to a whole new level. She shared a digital book and taught us how to use the app Skitch. Students photographed the inside of a pumpkin and used the app to label the parts. Students read Rotting Pumpkins in Scholastic News. Please be sure to notice our beautiful Fall sketches on display. They showcase our creativity and a solid understanding of how all things in nature are alive, once-alive or never alive.

  • Math is an active time for first graders. They use technology to strengthen number sense with apps such as Line ‘Em Up, Number Line and Zoom. These are free apps that you can download on any smart device. Some of the concepts and strategies that we practice often include number partners, counting on and back with a number line or other tool, interpeting data on a graph, math storires, comparing numbers and all kinds of problem solving.

Thank you for your time at conferences. If you have have lingering questions or concerns, please reach out to me.

Ask about…

*What part of the leaf conects it to the tree? Tell your family about our leaf pile.
*Tell your family about your pumpkmin character --how did you make it?
*Practice counting backward from 30-0. Then try 50 to 0. Use the hundred chart in your homework book to help.
*In the story Scarecrow, how did the screcrow feel about his job?

*Homework is due at the end of every month. Students did a fabulous job on their October homework, thank you for your support. Remember that any kind of reading benefits your child because they need to hear you read to them as much as they need to practice reading to you. I will send Scholastic News home from time to time. These are articles that we have read together in class and are great for rereading at home.
*Recess is outdoors, please dress children in jackets.
*Library books are returned and swapped every Monday.

Mrs. Gail Magid
1st Grade Teacher
Greenbrook Elementary School
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