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Dear Families,

     I hope your child shared the excitement of our scarecrow-making project this week! We had more than enough clothing, plastic bags and hats—thank you for your donations. If you want your clothing back, please let me know. If not I will donate it to a worth cause. The students practiced cooperation and persistence as they worked through many tricky steps to make their scarecrow. This work is part of the procedural writing unit. Shared experiences make how-to writing more accessible to the students. We will write a class book about the scarecrows next week, followed by our own how-to topics.

     Our buddies visited today. We talked about favorite holidays and celebrations—the people and the food that make occasions extra special. Then, we made pictures of our holiday table (mostly Thanksgiving) with piles of food on top and funny feet poking out the bottom.  We will spend more time next week sharing some of our holiday traditions as well as a bit of Thanksgiving history.

      In reading workshop, we enjoyed many fall themed books such as Scarecrow by Cynthia Rylant, The Scarecrows Hat (see link below) and Possum’s Harvest Moon. During a read –aloud, the students are asked to identify characters, places, feelings and other story elements. They practice active listening, predict events and make connections that enhance their comprehension. Poems such as The Scarecrow and The First Thanksgiving provide opportunities for shared reading, which contribute to reading fluency. Students think about the story a poem tells or the feeling it gives them and they make a connection to it. We learned another way to read this week. In addition to read-to-self and listen-to-reading, students practiced read-to-someone. Ask your child to tell you what EEKK means.

     The students used their “digits” to make a giant number line for our classroom. They decorated handprints, which were numbered from 1-190, 5- 190 and 10-190. This tool will help us practice skip counting as we get ready to dive into place value next month. Number bonds, sequencing numbers and strategies for solving math stories have kept first graders busy! They caught butterflies and ladybugs to solve addition equations on the iPads. They built elaborate designs and buildings with cube towers and counted by fives to calculate the value.

     We are growing pumpkins right in our classroom! After completing the pumpkin observations, we planted the seeds by filling the pumpkin with dirt. After a few days, many of the seeds sprouted. Those sprouts are now growing in a pot (the pumpkin started to smell really bad). The students enjoy comparing the plants to the life cycle chart they made that is posted nearby. We are hopeful that soon our room will be surrounded by pumpkin vines just like in our favorite book Pumpkin Town!

     Thank you for your Scholastic book orders. I intend to place the class order on 12/8 so that the books will be here before winter break. Scholastic sends me flyers frequently-- I have another one that I will send home next week. There is never any pressure to buy books. The flyers are sent as a convenience, just toss them if you are not interested in more books.  Online orders can be placed at any time, I am notified by email when you order.

     FYI, our first grade field trip to Jenkinsons Aquarium has been booked for late-January. Please contact me if you are interested in chaperoning that trip. 

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The Scarecrow's Hat


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