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Hello  Families,

First grade writers are enjoying teaching others in their how-to books. I am not surprised that they know how-to do so many things—lots of games and the everyday tasks that make them feel grown-up and independent like tying shoes, helping with chores and reading to baby brothers and sisters. The tricky part is stepping back to capture every important detail. We are working on the components of a how-to book—the introduction page, the materials page and finally the step by step pages that give directions. Writing partners coach each other.  They listen to determine if it all makes sense and help figure out how to make things more clear.

I am so pleased to see the students work through reading workshop independently. After we meet in groups for reading instruction, they are busy working on a variety of tasks that they self-manage. These include poetry comprehension work, independent reading, digital reading in Raz-Kids, word work, handwriting and partner reading.  Favorite stories recently shared include The Peace Book, While the World is Sleeping and Hibernation. Peace is the World Smiling is the newest poem/song we are working on.  In reading groups we are noticing non-fiction elements, making predictions and working on improved fluency.

Problem solving skills are growing as students improve automaticity with number bonds. They practice with dominoes, sorting cards and math stories about blueberry muffins, frogs, fish and wild animals. They work on strategies to solve missing addends and use number lines to prove answers. The students are starting to recognize that equations can look different—in vertical or horizontal format and with addends before or after the equal symbol. Counting by fives and tens is part of our daily routine-- incorporated into morning meeting, brain gym and several games that the students love to play.

Mrs. Lillian our school counselor visited to teach us about two important concepts called tattling and reporting. The students did several practice scenarios to help them differentiate between the two. They have a better understanding of when to report an incident (someone is hurt or in danger) and when telling really is tattling (you want to get someone in trouble).

Special thanks to our Parent Teacher Organization for the amazing assembly we enjoyed called Bach 2 Rock. If you are a PTO member, this is one way that your membership benefits our students directly. If you are not a member, please consider joining the PTO. Other PTO events include the Spelling Bee, International Night, Gator Gathering, Book Fair, How-To program and many other student-centered activities and programs. Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month and all are welcome. Childcare is provided. You need not attend meetings to be a member.


  • I intend to place a Scholastic book order on 12/8.

  • The First grade field trip to Jenkinsons Aquarium has been booked for late-January. Please contact me if you are interested in chaperoning the trip.

  • Please dress students in warm clothing for outdoor recess.

  • Several students come to school without snack—please send a small snack every day.

  • Homework reading is required—note the minutes spent reading directly onto the homework calendar page and turn it in with the notebook.

Ask your child about…

Peace is the World Smiling is a poem and song, sing it.
*Tell your parent about the how-to-book that you are writing to teach others a game.
*What is the difference between reporting and tattling?
*What kind of instrument did Caryn Lin play at the assembly? (Hint-it was an electric v_ _ _ _ _)
*In the book While the World is Sleeping, the child takes a ride through the night on what kind of bird?

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