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April 25, 2015

Hello Families!   

         We celebrated Earth Week with some wonderful children’s literature. The Great Kapok Tree, The Wartville Wizard, Dear Mother Earth and The Water Hole were a few favorites. You can enjoy The Water Hole online here:

         These stories serve as examples of people and other characters that seek to protect the Earth and its resources for generations to come. We learned that it is important to conserve water for all living things. The students had lots of ideas for ways that we can save water at school and at home such as reporting leaks, using reusable water bottles and collecting rainwater. One thing that I love about first grade is the way that the children surprise me with their curiosity and attention to detail. Today we looked at an image of a storm drain to determine how it helps keep water clean. Then we went to the playground to examine a real storm drain. The students noticed every detail—the many little holes in the drain, the water flowing inside the drain, a bug crawling around the drain, rocks of every shape and size, the sticks and mulch stuck in the drain hole and the big pipes that carry the rainwater to the streams, rivers and bay. The students are now on the lookout for storm drains everywhere!  A highlight of our Earth Day work was the presentation project. The students worked with partners to create a message poster exhibiting ways to take care of and clean up the environment. They designed, illustrated and presented their work to the class. 

         Our new writing unit, Small Moments with Mentor Texts, is well underway. The students are writing personal narratives with a focus on "zooming in" on the best part. They are using “The first time I…” as a prompt to capture story ideas. Other stories are about favorite places and the memorable things that happen. So far, we have stories about the cherry blossoms in Washington DC, an erupting volcano, a trip to the Double Derby, a variety of favorite rides at Six Flags, beach adventures and silly things that happen at home and school.

         Math time is all about geometry. We have been exploring the attributes of two dimensional shapes with activities that build recognition and give students the opportunity to compare and contrast them. The students loved working with tangram puzzles to make animals, objects and designs. They enjoyed the story of Grandfather Tang and watched The Happy Square (online) and made their own happy square adventure. Fractions and three dimensional shapes are next.

          I hope that you were able to visit the Art Show this week. Congratulations to the students whose art was displayed, and to all of our talented artists!

Ask your child about…

  • Tell your parents the name of our state and country.

  • What are some ways that you can help make sure that water in nature stays clean?

  • What power did the Wartville Wizard have? Who really has the power over trash?

  • What do you know about the sides and vertices/corners of a 2D shape?

  • How did the man change his mind in the story The Great Kapok Tree?

  • Tell your family about your Earth Day poster and some of the other important messages.


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