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February 17, 2017

Hello Families,
     There is so much going in in the Tiger class this month! Check out the highlights below.

Reading and Writing Workshop: We are studying non fiction as readers and writers. The students recognize the elements of nonfiction text and are learning to incorporate them into their own writing. They are working on topics that feature animals, family, sports, special interests, favorite foods, places and lots more. Writing partners are working on a class book about Jenkinson’s Aquarium. They wrote facts about every animal, researched their unanswered questions and added illustrations, photographs and captions. Readers are learning from lots of nonfiction books and articles. I am often amazed at the depth of the students’ interest and curiosity about real life topics. At times, we go to Google to find out more. Recently we learned that horseshoe crabs, like those we saw at the aquarium, have been on earth long before the dinosaurs!

Science: I hope that you saw our photos from the aquarium! They are posted on the Weebly page on the Field Trip and Project tabs: . The students had a personal experience with a sea star, sea urchin and horseshoe crab directly from the touch tank. They were mesmerized by the sharks, eels, coral reef, parrots, monkeys, python, moon jellyfish, penguins and a blind seal. Ask your child to tell you all about Lucille. We spent 30 minutes in the aquarium classroom learning all about South African penguins. The aquarium trip was a perfect combination of our prior study of living things and our current study of water. We are exploring the properties of water. Students have learned that water climbs because it is absorbed by some things like paper and soil, water sticks to water, and water changes shape and form. Take a moment to visit the NASA websit and see the SpaceX launch at .

Events: Special events this month included the dance-a-thon, Valentine's Day and the 100th Day of School. Mrs.Mills taught the students a variety of dances in gym, so they were ready to show their dancing feet at our dance-a-thon earlier this week! We exchanged valentines and made special hearts for the ones we love on Valentine’s Day. The 100th day was very exciting. Students self-managed their day by making choices from a menu of literacy and math activities including 100 jumping jacks, 100 math facts, 100 cube trains, 100 gumballs, 100 licks, 100 tosses, 100 steps and many more. I’m pretty sure it’s a first grader’s favorite day of the year! See photos on the events tab on the Weebly.

Math: We are learning new strategies for solving math stories. Singapore models help us to visualize the parts of a math story in order to solve the missing addends. Ask your first grader to explain how a model works. Students are using what they know about place value to solve two digit addition equations. With base ten blocks and pictures, students represent each addend, then add the tens and ones to solve. If is critically important that students understand the value of each digit as they add the tens and ones.

Homework: Thank you for helping your child to be successful with their homework. Encourage the children to read a few minutes every day. Library books, Scholastic News and other age appropriate text are great resources. These online resources offer all kinds of fiction and nonfiction text for every reader:

Ask your first grader about…
* What was your favorite 100th day activity?
* What animal are you working on in the Jenkinson’s book? Tell a fact about your animal.
* In the Scholastic News story we read, how did children change the world?
* In 100th Day Worries, why was Jessica worried?

Mrs. Gail Magid
Greenbrook Elementary School
Attitude Determines Altitude

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