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January 5, 2018

Dear Families,
   Wishing you and yours all good things for 2018! The students were well rested and happy to be back at school this week. Here are a few highlights of our recent work along with upcoming events.

Reading Workshop
   We shared many of our holiday traditions and favorite books during the month of December. They included several serious titles and a few silly ones too--The Peace Book by Todd Parr, Wangari’s Trees of Peace, Jingle Bells Homework Smells and How to Catch Santa are just a few. The students learned a new poem/song called Peace is the World Smiling that they shared at the winter sing-along. The students are making strong progress in their own reading with instruction that matches their individual skills. Many students are enjoying nonfiction text and learning to recognize the unique elements of this genre including photographs and captions. They are learning how to read charts, use a glossary and search for information with a contents page and index.
Writing Workshop
   As our study of how-to writing winds down, the students have immersed themselves in all kinds of topics to teach others including many games, activities, routines, chores as well as unique skills and talents. The students have learned from others too--how to make a peace candle, how to say peace in other languages, how to do the bus greeting and how to use a word sort menu. They are currently working on revising their own how-to books and preparing to publish their favorite. In addition, they are collaborating with a partner to contribute to our new digital class book How to Make a Paper Snowflake. We look forward to sharing that work with some kindergarten friends.
   First graders are practicing math stories, especially compare stories that ask how many more. They are using friendly numbers and the number line to solve missing addends, and working hard to master subtraction and “backwards” equations with missing numbers. Strong number sense and operations skills are critical as we begin the next math unit, place value. Please continue to talk to your child about numbers--asking them How do you know? Can you teach me that? Prove it! You will gain insight into their understanding and build their confidence as problem solvers too.
Projects & Homework
   Thank you for allowing your child to participate in our peace project. The students were so excited to see themselves on the big screen at our winter sing along! I know that you would like to see the video, however, I am unable to share it due to media consent constraints. I appreciate your understanding.
Another exciting project that first graders completed in December was the Global Card Exchange. Our class along with the Hayward and Sandberg 1st graders, created 120 star-themed cards and mailed them to students in the USA and around the world. In return, we received lots of cards from elementary students worldwide.They are all displayed in the 1st grade hallway with maps to show where they came from. Please stop by to check it out!
   Thank you for helping your child to be successful with their homework. Library books, Scholastic News and other age appropriate text are great resources. These online resources are great: and
* Class trip-Jenkinson’s Aquarium 1/16. Permission slips and fees are due Friday Jan. 5.
* Be sure to check the Weebly for photos:

Ask your first grader about…
* Why is snow white? We watched a Doug video all about it.
* We shared our resolutions for the New Year--tell what is a resolution and share it with your family.
* What gifts did the elf leave for us with his note?

Mrs. Gail Magid
1st Grade Teacher
Greenbrook Elementary School
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