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May 1, 2018

Hello Families!
     Spring has arrived and the students have the fever!. See the highlights of our learning...

Reading Workshop
     Our focus as readers is reading across genres. Students are reading and singing poetry, personal narrative stories, nonfiction books and articles. They are learning to visualize and infer to deepen their understanding, and how to compare information from one genre to another. The theme of Earth Day gave us many examples of rich text such as Dear Mother Earth, This Pretty Planet, The Great Kapok Tree, Many Pieces One Earth and The Water Hole. We explored the theme further with digital resources from BrainpopJr about the Earth’s natural resources and our responsibilities to reduce-reuse-recycle. Students participated in a school-wide project to make our school community more beautiful by sharing their ideas on Flipgrid. See it here: GB Community Flipgrid

Writing Workshop
     Writers are enjoying their favorite kind of writing, personal narratives. They are writing about your family and their friends to share the moments that make memories. Students are learning from famous authors, exploring craft. They are writing dialogue and drawing speech bubbles, using sequence words, zooming in the best part and adding sounds to their stories. Wonderful books such as Roller Coaster, The Relatives Came and Shortcut show us how to do it.

Math & Science
     It’s all about geometry this Spring. Students are learning to identify the attributes of plane shapes (2D). They are “hunting” for shapes in our classroom, making them on geoboards and apps and using them to create unique designs. They are counting sides and corners and comparing one four sided shape to another by the length of its sides. Students will learn to divide plane shapes into equal parts and name them with fractions. Soon, they will explore 3D shapes.
     We are completing our study of the Properties of Water by including conservation in our Earth Day learning. Connecting their prior learning about the water cycle, students were fascinated by the storm drains in the playground, understanding that the rainwater that falls there begins a journey all the way to the bay and ocean. Students learned the importance of clean water to all living things, and shared lots of ideas about how to save water by using less in our classroom and at home.

     The May homework will go home this week. It will be our last assignment. Thank you for helping your child to be successful. Please consider the free summer reading program at the South Brunswick Public Library. These online resources are wonderful: and and

*VonThun Farm trip--June 7, 9:15-12:30. Please let me know if you would like to be a chpaerone.
*Early Release --June 7, dismissal 1:30

Ask your first grader about…
*Explain how a rhombus and trapezoid are different. How are the they the same?
*How can your family save water at home? Tell 4 ways.
*In Dear Children of the Earth, why did Mother earth write a letter to her children? Who are her children?

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