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Procedure Letter 2014-15

April 6, 2018 

Hello First Grade Families!

In Reading Workshop, students are learning about story elements such as character traits, setting and details in connection with the main idea.  The children enjoyed listening to a series of stories from The Little Polar Bear and many Dr. Seuss books to teach us more about different parts of stories.  Mrs. Mahoney surprised our class as a guest speaker and read a wonder story titled I Am A Wonder. 

During Writing Workshop we had an Author’s Celebration for All About Books. Students shared their books with our 5th Grade Buddy Class!  We are becoming experts in our writing by learning how to keep organized through checklists and they worked through the publishing process including spelling, capitals and punctuation.  Our class collaborated and learned facts about Cheetahs.  We created a class book together.  Please see the link below to view the outstanding work from our students.

 All About Cheetah Book


During math time we continue to study our unit of numerical operations.  Students are practicing balancing equations, friendly numbers and comparing math stories.  Our next unit will be geometry in mid-April.

Science has been a blast!  We continue learning about the properties of water.  Students enjoyed our science expo when they observed and collected data from experiments in our class as well as Mrs. Magid and Ms. Sandberg’s class.


It was great to see most of your during conferences.  We will hold our last day of conference on Tuesday, April 10th, which will be an early release day.


     Thank you for helping your child to be successful with their homework. Be mindful of the reading component on the monthly homework. Library books, Scholastic News and other age appropriate text are great resources. These online resources are great: www.Storylineonline.net and www.getepic.com
     We enjoyed a lively musical assembly called Voice of the People by Dave Fry. Thanks to our PTO for bringing it to us!

Ask your first grader about…
What was your favorite experiment during the science expo and tell 1 thing you learned.

·      Sing the water cycle song.

·      Describe a character in your favorite book that you read to your family.

·      What does the setting mean in a story?

·      Solve math equation…   6 + 5 = 3 + ___


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