THE DAYTON / INDIAN FIELDS RELATIONSHIP Dayton School is the early childhood learning center that feeds into Indian Fields School. Dayton School houses kindergarten and first grade students, and Indian Fields is home to first through fifth grade students. Each Dayton student will move on to Indian Fields School at the completion of their kindergarten or first grade year. Therefore, it is paramount that a strong sense of collaboration, communication, and consistency remain between the two buildings. OUR SCHOOL MISSION "The mission of Dayton and Indian Fields Elementary School is to educate all children by providing a safe, stimulating, respectful environment, which promotes cognitive, social, emotional, artistic, and physical growth. The schools will prepare children to have a positive attitude towards learning, to be responsible members of the community and to accept individual differences." OUR VISION OF TEAMING Teaming is a strong underpinning of the Dayton and Indian Fields School organizations. The teaming philosophy is built upon these assumptions. OUR BELIEF STATEMENTS WE BELIEVE THAT: