Health Regulations

n accordance with State regulations, South Brunswick School District requires pupils new to the District, all students entering Kindergarten, students trying out for athletic teams, students participating in Color Guard, marching band or dance and those applying for working papers to undergo an annual physical examination.

The School Nurse may administer any form of medication that is in the original container and is accompanied by the District's Medication Form which is completed and signed by the child's doctor and parent/guardian. Forms can be obtained through your School Nurse or by visiting the District's Website,

In addition, each year a school nurse conducts the following screenings:

Immunizations Immunizations are required for entry into school to comply with Chapter 14 of the New Jersey Sanitary Code. Failure to provide a complete immunization record can result in the child's exclusion from school. The school nurse reviews all immunization records prior to a student's admission. The following immunizations are required in order for a student to initially enter school:

Immunization waivers are honored for health or religious reasons with proper documentation that is shared with the nurse.

This schedule is primarily for children entering Kindergarten and first grade. Immunization schedules for children age 7 and older and children entering pre-school programs are different. Please contact your school nurse regarding those requirements.