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We have moved!

Our school library has a new online space. Visit the Constable School library wiki @ http://colibrary.pbworks.com

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Schedule of Library Media Center Classes for the 2012-13 School Year.

Borrowed books are due back to the school library on the following days:


1 Mrs. Reilly; 2 Mrs. Bevan;  4 Mrs. Katzenback; 3 Ms. Rhatigan; 3 Mrs. Gheringer


 K1 Ms. Wajngold; 2 Mrs. Smith; 2 Ms. Wnek; 4 Ms. Ansari; 1 Mrs. Roth; 1 Mrs. Kuhn; 5 Mrs. Pearce


4 Ms. Nolan; 5 Ms. Needles; 5 Mrs. Midlarski; 3 Ms. Vignets;  4 Ms. Charboneau


 4 Ms. Cross; K Mrs. Chiavaroli; 2 Mrs. Buttitta; K Mrs. Cleary; K Mrs. Kirk; 4 Mrs. DaCunto


 3 Mr. Katzenback; 5 Ms. Charboneau; 5 Mrs. DaCunto; 1 Mrs. Olszewski; 5 Mr. Malatesta


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