Kindergarten Units of Study
I. Reading/Writing/Language Arts
A. Read Alouds
B. Shared Reading
C. Guided Reading
D. Quiet Reading
E. P.A.W.S. of Reading Program
F. Letter/Sound Correspondence - Words Their Way
G. Phonemic Awareness
H. Shared Writing
I. Writer's Workshop
J. SALSA (Spanish Language Program)
II. Math
A. Number Sense (numerals 0-30)
B. Sorting/Classifying
C. Patterns
D. Data Analysis (graphing)
E. Sequencing
F. Geometry
G. Coin Recognition
H. Combining and Separating
I. Non-standard Measurement
J. Telling time to the hour
III. Science
A. The Five Senses
B. Patterns in Nature
C. Living and Non-Living
IV. Social Studies
A. Study Skills
B. Belonging to Groups
C. Families
D. Early Map Skills
E. Holidays throughout the year