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During the month of March, all classes will be submitting their book report, which is based on a fiction book.  The students are creating a sandwich identifiying different aspects of the book.    

Students will continue to write essays in writing.  

In math, the students arefnishing learning about numbers in base ten, and then will be learning about fractions.  

In accelerated math, the students are learning about proportions, unit rate and ratios.  Then, they will be reviewing for their mid year assessment.   

Some students recently finished a Five Themes of Geography Powerpoint project, while other classes are beginning that unit now.  

During the second marking period, students are learning about Chemistry in science.   

Please encourage your children to utilize Study Island on a regular basis.    

If your child has been given access to Raz-Kids, please remind them to utilize that site as well.  

Please refer to the school calendar for upcoming events.

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The South Brunswick School District Curriculum being taught at the fifth grade level integrates the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards (NJCCCS) with developmentally-appropriate concepts. We teach for deep understanding of the "big ideas" in each content area, and we encourage students to wonder about the "essential questions."

Technology is integrated into instruction in meaningful ways. Students and teachers use digital tools and information to solve problems individually and collaboratively to create and communicate knowledge. (NJCCCS 8.1)

Fifth Grade Curriculum