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Revised 8/08

The Cougar Code of Conduct

Section 1:    Student ExpectationsCambridge School is our community of learners.  The members of our community include students, parents, professional staff and teacher’s assistants, as well as volunteers.  As a community, all members are responsible to work together to make the school a safe and peaceful place for everyone.

All South Brunswick Schools embrace the following Core Ethical Values, CARES, in an effort to build positive citizens in our learning community. This is supported through our district’s Character Education Program.

C    Cooperation

A    Assertion

R    Responsibility

E    Empathy

S     Self-control

Each of these Core Ethical Values is defined below:

Cooperation: Do your best to work with others.  Play by the rules.  Take turns and share.  Be open-minded; listen to others.

Assertion:  Speak up respectfully for what you believe.  Tell the truth.  Use the Win/Win Guidelines to deal peacefully with anger, insults, and disagreements.

Responsibility:  You have a responsibility to be respectful to others.  Be accountable for your choices.  Follow rules and directions.  Strive for excellence!

Empathy:  Try to understand feelings, emotions, and actions of others.  Treat others with respect.  Be tolerant of differences.  Use good manners.  Be considerate of the feelings of others.

Self-Control:  Control your emotions, desires and actions.  Be self-disciplined.  Persevere: keep on trying.  Think before you act- consider the consequences.

Section 2:    School/Classroom Routines The following routines will help to insure the safety of students and adults.  An orderly climate in classrooms and throughout the building is an essential and expected behavior.  Students are expected to: Section 3:    School/Classroom Rules As stated in the District Handbook included in the summer letter:

 Students are expected to bring to school only those supplies, books and other materials needed for learning. The school provides students with recreational supplies and equipment for use during recess and/or Physical Education. Personal items, including but not limited to electronic devices such as cell phones, are not allowed to be used in school during school hours.

Students are prohibited from engaging in the following activities: Students are prohibited from bringing the following items to school:
In addition to school rules, each class develops their own rules and procedures, and students should familiarize themselves with those rules.  If students are unclear about a classroom rule, they should speak with the teacher.
Section 4: Consequences* All actions have consequences: some positive and some negative.  If a student does not follow the Cougar Code of Conduct, there will be logical consequences.

Goals of Logical Consequences: Three Kinds of Logical Consequences:
  1. “You break it- you fix it.”
    Children take responsibility for fixing, as best they can, any problem or mess they created.  This logical consequence also includes “Apology of Action”.  This means that children attempt to fix hurt feelings and damaged relationships by apologizing and doing an action that will make amends for the hurtful behavior.

  2. Loss of Privilege
    Students are entrusted with many privileges throughout the school day: using materials, equipment, working with friends, choosing a learning activity, etc.  When a student (or group of students) breaches that trust, for example, by being careless or unsafe, a logical consequence is for the adult in charge to take away the related privilege until the child shows a readiness to handle the privilege.

  3. Time-out or Take a Break
    A child who is beginning to lose control in a way that is disruptive or that compromises safety is asked to leave the scene.  During that time away from the group, the child’s job is to regain self-control so he or she can come back to the group and participate in a positive way.
Cougar CARES Celebrations Conclusion Cambridge School has long been recognized as an outstanding school with caring, sensitive, and responsible students.  The above outlined Code of Conduct will help all members of the community understand what it means to be a responsible and respectful student.
We have read and understand the information contained in the Cambridge Cougar Code:

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