P O E T R Y    P A G E

These are the  B E S T sites for kids poetry!

Poetry for Kids

Poetry for Kids has poems in every category... funny, monster mania, animals, music, fairy tales, science and lots more!

Check out the poetry contests!

They even give you lessons on how to write great poems and a cool rhyming dictionary to help you out when you get stuck!

Giggle Poetry for Children

If you like to giggle... this is the
BEST place for you!!

This site has:
• fill-in-the-blank poems
• tongue twisters
• riddles
& lots more!

Check out the
online Poetry Class...
you can learn everything you need to know about becoming a Giggle Poet! 

They teach you how to write every kind of poem!

Fizzy Funny Fuzzy Poetry for Kids

Lots of really GREAT poems! 

different categories. 

There are some poems that you can listen too!  You can even download poetry on this site.

Plus, you can post your opinions about the poems you read!

You can write a letter to a poet
and find tons of other cool poetry links.

H A V E   F U N !!!