Grade 3 - 5    W R I T I N G   T I P S

Give Your Writing   P O W E R ! How to write a STORY, step by step

P = Plan* Ask yourself - What is this story going to be about?
* Ask yourself - Who will read my story?
* Imagine the main problem in the story.
(Notice the details of what you imagine - your setting,
characters, and events.)
* Choose a map that will help plan and organize your story.

O = Organize* Brainstorm your ideas for the story and write
them on the map.
* If necessary, number the ideas on your map in an order
that will make sense and
will be interesting to the reader. (What will you write
about-first, second, etc.)

W = Write* Think about who your reader is so that you know what style
of language to use. (Example: Serious or funny? In the
present or the past?)
* Write a draft of your story, using your ideas in
order from your map.
*Be sure to add descriptive detail so that your reader can
imagine the story (like a mental movie) just from reading what you wrote.

E = Edit/Revise* Reread your story (out loud) to edit/revise.
You will be looking at content,
organization, language, and appearance.
* Give your paper to an editor ( e.g., friend, teacher, parent)
and get suggestions.
Talk with your editor so that you understand
his/her comments.

R = Rewrite* Write a “clean copy” on good paper.
* Read your final draft to be sure it is fully correct and that its
appearance shows respect for your reader.

Singer, B.D. (1998) adapted from Mariage, T. (1996)