Following a shared reading and simulation of the journey across the Atlantic, students expressed their perspective of life aboard The Mayflower in a mini-journal entry. Read on for sample entries...


Colin writes...

On the ship it was cold and stuffy. The ship was rocking from side to side and it was so dark. A lot of people were on the Mayflower. We were below the main deck. All were hoping it (the journey) was worth it.


Patricia shares...

On the ship, it was damp, cold, and the air was stale. I laid down thinking to myself, the New World better be great when I get there. I was tired and wanted to go to sleep on a real bed like the ones back home. I went to sleep, thinking about the New World.


Kaitlyn writes...

We were on the lower deck. Mother was sick. It was pouring out and the boat leaked. Luckily, we brought the right tools. I hope we get to land on time. I am sooo desperate.
...Father has brought me breadcrumbs and an onion.


Chazz shares...

It was a long trip to North America. I was getting sea sick below deck. The deck was not comfortable. Days past and I got sick and tired of the trip. I don’t think I’ll make it.
.... Finally! America. When we got to shore I was so excited.


After an in depth discussion on expectations and the importance of rules and procedures our class came up with their own class constitution precisely on Constitution Day.


It reads:

We, the people of Class D407, in order to form a more perfect learning environment resolve to:

Respect our selves

Respect each other

Respect our environment

because class D407 C.A.R.E.S
(Cooperation, Assertion, Responsibility, Empathy and Self-Control)


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