By the time your group reaches the end of this quest,
your team of Colonial History experts will be able to
research information on the internet,
as well as history books to create a slideshow
that will take your audience back to
another time period in America!

You also
have practiced the skills
of researching, analyzing
and interpreting information in order to a create a
wonderful historic slideshow that you presented to your classmates.
Learning the importance of working together
in a group to create a wonderful historical project
has been a great experience for all of you.

By completing this challenging webquest
you have gained a tremendous amount of information
about another time period of our American History.

As you have learned, life in Colonial Times was very different
than life today.

Which part of the history of Colonial America surprised you the most?

If you could have lived during Colonial Times,
which part of the history would you most like to relive?

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