Colonial American WebQuest

Introduction and Task

Imagine that you lived during a time in America
where there was no electricity. There were no cars,
telephones, grocery stores, televisions, video games, radios or
even a bathroom inside your house.
Imagine a world where you have to make your own
clothes and hunt for the food you eat to survive.

During Colonial Times life was a lot different than it is today.
Everything from the clothing they wore, the houses they
lived in, what they learned in school, the way they wore their hair and
got their food is very different than our world today.

Task Your task is to recreate a part of our American History.
You will be working in small groups to create a slideshow presentation
that teaches your classmates about one part of Colonial history.

In this presentation, you will create slides that tell about a specific time
from Colonial America. You will insert text, clip art and/or photographs into the slideshow
in order to teach your classmates what it was like to experience life in Colonial Times.