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Global Concerns


During the Fourth Cycle of Enrichment, students were researching a global problem.
The students then used this information to create a podcast as a tool to
motivate others to take an interest in their Global Problem.

One student, Anusha, from Mr. Desai's class, created a podcast to
highlight the plight of hunger facing impoverished people of the world.
Listen as Anusha explains to you the facts facing those too poor to have
the resources to eat the quantity and quality of food they
need and what you can do to help. Great job Anusha!

by Anusha

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Anurag M., from Mrs. Capasso's class, completed an independent research project on the engineering
aspects of roller coasters. He researched how to construct a roller coaster, conducted experiments,
and then shared his results with a 3-D Model and a podcast. Way to go Anurag!


Listen to Anurag's podcast