Technology Center technology Teachers and administrators are growing to rely on E-mail as a ready means of communicating with parents and other staff members. Our school and District Websites are turning into a point of pride and we will be inviting you to turn to it frequently this year.

Parents should understand that we are able to reach all parents listed on an E-mail list in matter of minutes in the event of an emergency. You should let Mrs. Schrob know all of your E-mail addresses and look for a procedure on the District Website that will E-mail you whenever an emergency banner is posted.

Student use of technology for research, reporting and presenting information continues to grow in the classrooms.

We were pleased last year at the 3rd and 4th graders' response to the practice activities available through the on-line Study Island program. Hundreds of thousands of questions were answered by about 200 students from November to June. The program allowed students to access it during the school day and as well as at home.