A Snapshot of.....Brunswick Acres School

Brunswick Acres School instructs children from Pre-school through fifth grade. Our school gives equal emphasis to the academic and social growth of its students within a context where all members of the school community care for all others.

Staff, students and parents work conscientiously to maintain a Responsive Environment. Because the development of social skills is such an important part of success in school and life, we have made the Responsive Classroom approach an important component of our school day.  We plan with these beliefs in mind:

The K-2 Early Childhood classes are based on language-enriched experiences. Play and activity centers promote student dialogue and cooperation. Classroom spaces, hallways and class activities are all designed with language experiences in mind. Operation Bookworm and the Brunswick Acres Academy provide support for emerging readers. Field trips, clubs, artists in residence and PTO-sponsored assemblies augment student learning.

In Grades 3 through 5, students engage in assignments that encourage the growth of literacy skills.  More varied types of reading, writing, speaking, listening and viewing are taught in the upper grades, where literacy skills are practiced in all other content areas. Students also study math, science and social studies. The subjects are linked together whenever possible to deepen their meaning. Our school embarked on a new Scott Foresman Math program in September, 2006.   This year we are emphasizing the resources of that program that are available to us online.

Art, Music, and Physical Education are key elements of the school’s program as is World Language study. Spanish instruction begins in Kindergarten with less formal, Salsa lessons to introduce out younger students to a new language. In grades 3 to 5, each class has two formal lessons in each six day cycle. The use of technology is interwoven into our curriculum.  Teachers work diligently to find links between their curricula and that taught in other classrooms in the school. The Media Center helps children learn to use a library and its varied media resources. We were able to reestablish a computer laboratory this year. Classrooms house 2-4 Macintosh computers that support learning in all subject areas. These computers are augmented by 30 Computers on Wheels (COWS) that can be quickly set up so each student in a class can have his or her own computer. All classes and the COWS have high-speed Internet connections.

Third graders are encouraged to begin a musical instrument.  Most fourth and fifth graders join a performing arts group. Extra-curricular activities such as dance, drama, Odyssey of the Mind, band, string instruments, Math Olympiad, after school clubs, art studio, safety patrol, chorus, student council, peer mediators, yearbook, chess club, and mentoring are organized to give students practice in decision-making, leadership, creativity and cooperation.  It has been demonstrated that successful experience with extra curricular activities will lead students to meaningful participation in those very important areas in Middle and High School. And that this will lead to a more fulfilling and meaningful adult life.

Last year, we added the Math for All Kinds of Minds activities to our repertoire of enrichment activities.


Each day, students lead the school in the “Pledge of Allegiance” and make morning announcements. Students introduce assembly programs and engage in other speaking assignments before groups.  The members of the School Community believe that our school should be a challenging and interesting environment in which all members experience success and satisfaction. Students are encouraged to find ways to assume responsibility for their own success and that of their fellow classmates.


Our PTO is a dynamic, vibrant organization that meets regularly to report on its activities and share and review ideas and concerns with faculty and administration representatives. The PTO sponsors forums for parents, assemblies for students and lively social activities several times each year.

Standards of accountability and responsibility are set and maintained. Adults insist that every member of the school community be respected and act respectfully, as well.