CARES: Responsive Classroom We give significant attention to helping children grow in their capacity to be responsible for their behavior and the quality of their relationships. This approach reflects our work with and continuing examination of the ideas of the Northeast Foundation and the Responsive Classroom. You have seen evidence of the work of the Responsive Classroom type activities in the Wishes and Dreams conferences that you have had with your child's teacher before the start of school and in the things you have heard from your child about Morning Meeting.

We intend to continue to evolve into a Responsive Classroom School and a school that makes extensive use of School Wide Discipline. Behavior Away from school

Our students give us, (their parents and their teachers) many reasons to be proud of them, none more so than the reputation they enjoy for responsible, respectful, sportsmanlike behavior when away from school. We expect to see the children of Brunswick Acres School behaving well on busses, at bus stops, in malls and at parks and other venues in the community. They shouldn't need close adult supervision to ensure that they behave properly.

In instances where you see one of our students behaving poorly, you will be serving that child, and the community as a whole, by letting a school administrator or teacher know about what you have seen. Our response will be to provide corrective coaching and to assist the child in planning to correct his or her behavior.