sombrero spanish world language



K-2 Grade Classes
Kindergarten, first and second graders will be
watching Salsa videos to introduce them to the
language.  I will be visiting their classes and
discussing the vocabulary every other week.

3rd. Grade Classes

4th. Grade Classes

The fourth graders will start with a brief review and then studying parts of the body and clothing. Ask them about their monsters.

5th Grade Classes

The fifth grade students will be devoting more time to writing in Spanish this year.  They will begin with learning
how to tell time and talk about their school day.

My name is Senora Furyk and I will be your child’s Spanish teacher.  Students in third, fourth and fifth grade will be receiving Spanish instruction for 35 minutes once a week.  During that time we will be covering thematic units and engaging the students in a life long love for the language. Learning a new language is not only fun, but can also open up a new world to your child.  We begin the year with discussion of how a World Language can be beneficial.  Connections to more people, job opportunities and a greater understanding of our own first language are just a few.  The list is endless.  We also talk about the many languages other than English that students are already speaking.

Do not worry if you don’t speak Spanish!  I will give the children vocabulary sheets and all the help they need in class.  There may be homework in Spanish, but students should have all of the resources they need to complete assignments on their own.  Your encouragement and interest is the best help that you can give.  Ask them to teach you some new Spanish words every so often.  If an older sibling is studying Spanish in middle of high school, encourage their Spanish conversation.

I will try to include popular websites and a timeline for my long range plans so you are aware of what we are practicing in class.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions at Brunswick Acres School or at

Thank you for your support en Espanol,

Nicole Furyk