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Band Program

Concert Band

This ensemble is for 4th and 5th grade students who are learning a new band instrument.  Throughout the year, students in Concert Band discover the fundamentals of musicianship and instrument playing.  The Concert Band performs at the end of the year in the Spring Concert.

Rehearsal:  Wednesdays 12:20 - 1:05


Wind Ensemble

Students who have taken band lessons for at least one year participate in Wind Ensemble.  Fundamental musical concepts are further developed by playing more advanced music.  Wind Ensemble performs in both the Winter and Spring Concerts.

Rehearsal:  Thursdays 12:20 - 1:05


Jazz Band

Jazz Band is an auditioned group of students who have taken band lessons for at least one year.  This ensemble focuses on playing multiple styles of music and improvising solos.

Rehearsal: Wednesdays 8:00-8:55 a.m.



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