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 Dear Third Grade Parents or Guardians:

The beginning of the 2008-2009 school year has arrived and the music department at Brunswick Acres is gearing up for an exciting and musical school year. As you may already know, third grade is the first year students can choose to play a string instrument. Below you will find the information you need to get your child started on a musical adventure! Playing in the orchestra offers a unique experience and focuses on developing your child’s musical abilities while allowing him or her to be a part of a fun, social setting. We are excited to welcome all new students to Brunswick Acres! If your child would like to play an instrument, but his or her name is not on the following list, it is not too late to sign up! We are anxious to start lessons and rehearsals, so please be prompt in completing and returning the sign up form at the end of this packet. Forms are due promptly by Monday, September 17th. Students who signed up for an instrument in June should check the enclosed list to make sure their information is accurate. If the information is correct, there is no need to complete another form. If you or your child has any questions that are not addressed in this communiqu�, please do not hesitate to contact me at school or via email. I am looking forward to sharing a creative year with you and your children.

Miss Barr
Director of Orchestras

Providing an Instrument:

Each student will need his or her own instrument for the 2008-2009 school year. Some families are fortunate to have an instrument at home that their child may use. If this is the case, please send the instrument to school to be checked out by me immediately to ensure it is in working condition. An instrument may be in need of repair in order to be played. String instruments come in sizes, so a child may not use an adult sized violin. Most parents will have to rent an instrument for their child. We recommend City Music Center and have rental forms available at school for your convenience. City Music Center’s business is to provide instruments for schools in New Jersey. A representative from the store comes into school every Tuesday and delivers instruments, makes repairs and brings accessories. The instruments from City Music are high quality student instruments. There are many instruments available for less money that are made of inferior materials. They are not durable and sound TERRIBLE. In order to insure your child’s success, please be sure to provide him or her with a high quality instrument. A rental form containing price information can be obtained by checking the box requesting it on the following form. Many rental forms were completed over the summer and our first delivery of instruments has already arrived! If you have not yet mailed your rental form to City Music, please do so immediately! Instrument lessons will begin Tuesday, September 23rd. Rented instruments are given to students at their first lesson where they will learn how to properly care and maintain their instrument. Children who do not have instruments available for their first lesson find it difficult to keep up with those who do.

Concert Orchestra

At Brunswick Acres we are very proud to host a large and successful string program. The core of this program begins with our third grade students who can choose to play the violin, viola or cello. I will also be offering the string bass to students who are interested and large enough to handle it. Please contact me at school for more information about the bass. Children who choose to play one of the string instruments in third grade have the opportunity to enjoy making music while building responsibility, independence, and coordination. Children who play an instrument receive one 30 minute lesson each week in addition to one 45 minute ensemble rehearsal. Lessons have 4-5 students who all play the same instrument, while orchestra rehearsal consists of every beginning string student. In June, this year’s third grade students were introduced to the four string instruments they may choose to play this year. Many students have already signed up to play one of these instruments. Students who signed up to play in the Concert Orchestra in June are listed below. Please check to see if your child’s name is listed and the instrument choice is accurate. If the information below is correct, you do not need to complete the following registration form. If your child is not on this list, but wished to play a string instrument, please be prompt in completing the follow registration form so your child may be prepared for the first string lesson.