Second Grade Birthday Parties


The Second Grade classes will be holding once-a-month birthday celebrations.  We would like the celebration to be small consisting of only one food item and drink.  Should you have an idea of another way to celebrate a birthday that excludes food items, we encourage you to do so.  For example, sharing a book with the class and donating it to the classroom library or teaching the students an activity and letting them play.

We are asking that the head parent and the parents of the children who have birthdays in the same month coordinate their plans.  Each teacher will inform you of the time for the celebrations.  The following days will be used for celebrations:

September Birthdays – Friday, September 26th

October Birthdays - Friday, October 24th

November Birthdays - Friday, November 21st

December Birthdays - Friday, December 19th

January Birthdays - Friday, January 30th

February Birthdays - Friday, February 27th

March Birthdays - Friday, March 27th

April Birthdays - Friday, April 24th

May Birthdays - Thursday, May 21st

June and Summer Birthdays - Friday, June 19th