Assets Most Directly Associated with Academic Success*
The 40 Developmental Assets are positive qualities that contribute to a young person making healthy choices and having success in life. Thirteen of the Assets have been found to have a direct relationship with academic success.**

Other Adult Relationships - Young person receives support from three or more non-parent adults

Caring School Climate - School provides a caring, encouraging environment

Parent Involvement in Schooling - Parent(s) are actively involved in helping young person succeed in school

School Boundaries - School provides clear rules and consequences

Positive Peer Influence - Young person's best friends model responsible behavior

High Expectations - Both parent(s) and teaches encourage the young person to do well

Youth Programs - Young person spends three or more hours per week in sports, clubs or organizations at school and/or the community

Achievement Motivation - Young person is motivated to do well in school

School Engagement - Young person is actively engaged in learning

Homework - Young person reports doing at least one hour of homework every school day

Bonding to School - Young person cares about her or his school

Reading for Pleasure - Young person reads for pleasure three or more hours per week

Interpersonal Competence - Young person has empathy, sensitivity and friendship skills|

*Starkman, Neal, et al. Great Places to Learn. Minneapolis, MN: Search Institute, 1999.
**Great Places to Learn, page 38.

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