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Latest Assessment News...  
June 2017 News:

The South Brunswick Summer Institute Geometry PARCC assessment will be administered Monday, August 7, 2017 and Tuesday, August 8, 2017.
PARCC Update - April 20:

On Wednesday, April 19th and Thursday, April 20th our district experienced an issue with our Internet that impacted PARCC testing. As a result we have communicated with the families of students impacted through email. Click here for the revised schedule.
March 2017 News:

PARCC testing is underway. For elementary parents who have students taking the PARCC for the first time, we are sharing the presentation from our parent information session held March 30th.  PARCC Elementary Parent Information
February 2017 News:

The 2016-2017 PARCC Testing Schedule is now available.

On occasion, we receive questions about refusing the PARCC assessment.  The PARCC is a required assessment.  As of February 2017 passing the PARCC is a graduation requirement for the current freshman class (Class of 2020).  In the rare instance, that a parent feels that refusing the test is the best option for his/her child, South Brunswick uses the procedures listed here. Elementary and middle school parents must send a letter to the school principal stating parental refusal of the test.  Parents of high school students must complete the PARCC Refusal Form and send it to the building principal.  Emails will not be accepted.  The school principal must receive parent letters or forms no later than Friday, March 10th.
September 2016 Updates...

The Spring 2016 PARCC results will be mailed to families no later than September 30th. The district-wide PARCC results will be shared at a Fall Board of Education meeting.
PARCC Information - January 8, 2016

Do you have questions about your child’s PARCC score report?
Take a moment to view these district created resources, which include videos on how we use score reports and how to read score reports. In addition, you can review the Frequently Asked Questions document.

Are you looking for the 2015-2016 PARCC testing schedule?
It is posted on our assessment website.  Take a look at Standardized Testing and Assessments.

Do you need to know the graduation assessment requirements?
PARCC Message #1 - November 04, 2015 1:00 PM

As you are likely aware, the NJ Department of Education recently released the statewide results from the Spring 2015 administration of the PARCC tests in grades 3-11. NJ school districts have not yet received their district-wide or school-wide results, and we do not anticipate receipt and dissemination of Individual Student Reports until sometime in December.

Please be assured that the South Brunswick School District (SBSD) has historically used multiple measures to determine a student’s progress and growth over time such as performance on district and class assessments and tasks, report card grades, teacher checklists and recommendations and markers of success such as active participation, class attendance, and academic independence. When PARCC results arrive, they will be just one more piece of information we have about a student.

Being proactive, we began in early October to plan for receipt of results. A SBSD Parent Advisory Committee comprised of PTO and School Site Council Presidents has provided guidance on what kinds of communication would be most helpful to parents and when these communications should occur.

This email, through School Messenger, is the first of several outreaches. We have a schedule of actions that will lead up to the release of student results as well as some happenings that will follow-- all designed to help parents understand and interpret their children’s test results.

Over time, you will be alerted to the posting of mini video broadcasts on topics such as how PARCC results will be used and how to read your child’s Individual Student Report. Later in the year, you will receive invitations to school-specific PARCC sessions for parents, and a special workshop for parents of third graders. We are also planning to offer a PARCC Help Desk, and we will send additional email updates through School Messenger as appropriate to do so.

Enjoy the next few days off from school. While we will be unable to discuss PARCC results during Parent Conferences, we do look forward to seeing you in our schools next week on conference days and discussing your child's progress in school to-date.
The Spring 2015 PARCC Assessment Results will be mailed to families in late fall. Individual Student Reports will contain information on student performance. A sample of these score reports can be found at this link

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