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South Brunswick School District
Attn. Technology Department
P.O. Box 181
Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852
(732) 297-7800
ext. 5149 Tech Support
ext. 5150 Family Connect
(732) 821-6901 Fax
Technology Vision Statement
All students will be prepared to meet the challenge of a dynamic global society in which they participate, contribute, achieve, and flourish through unlimited access to people, information and ideas. -- Excerpt from the NJ Educational Technology Plan 2013-2016

Technology Department

The Technology Department is focused on serving the needs of the students, teachers and staff of the South Brunswick School District. Technology has become an integral part of the educational process and it is our job to ensure that all systems are highly available and secure.


The Technology Department is dedicated to supporting hardware and software applications for all areas of the district, including:

  • Student Information Services
  • Curriculum & Instruction, Assessment
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Student Services
  • Internet/Network Access
  • Educational/Instructional Software
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Phone Systems
  • E-mail
  • Media Center
  • Security and Surveillance Systems
2013-2016 Technology Plan
Click here for our 2013-2016 Technology Plan
Tech Support
Software Requirements

Our Staff

Joseph Lee -- Director of Technology -- Joseph.Lee@sbschools.org

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Software Requirements
Techspo 2014 Presentation
Technology Plan 2013-2016

Aaron A. Bryan -- Director of Operations and Systems-- Aaron.Bryan@sbschools.org
John Piznar -- Manager of Information Services and Systems -- John.Piznar@sbschools.org
Michael P. Moore -- Student Information System Administrator -- Michael.Moore@sbschools.org
Rubina Nashine -- Software Programmer -- System.Developer@sbschools.org
Kristopher Corso -- Network Administrator -- Kristopher.Corso@sbschools.org
Chris Greco -- District Webmaster -- Webmaster@sbschools.org
Sue Davis -- Department Secretary -- Sue.Davis@sbschools.org

Support Services

Adam Davis -- Elementary Support Services -- Adam.Davis@sbschools.org  
Eileen Dietz -- Elementary Sr. Support Services -- Eileen.Dietz@sbschools.org  
Reginald Carlson -- Middle School Sr. Support Services -- Reginald.Carlson@schools.org
Larisa Luca -- Middle School Support Services -- Larisa.Luca@sbschools.org  
Louis Beeker -- High School Support Services -- Louis.Beeker@sbschools.org  
Clifford Raymond -- High School Sr. Support Services -- Clifford.Raymond@sbschools.org  

Educational Technology

Tracey Ricco -- Technology Educator and District Staff Developer for Technology -- Tracey.Ricco@sbschools.org
Beth Caruso -- Elementary Technology Educator -- Beth.Caruso@sbschools.org
Lucian Losito-Luprek -- Middle School Technology Educator, North -- Lucian.Losito-Luprek@sbschools.org
Joseph Dougherty -- Middle School Technology Educator, South -- Joseph.Dougherty@sbschools.org
Nicole Hunter -- High School Technology Educator -- Nicole.Hunter@sbschools.org
Darryl Mendonez -- High School Technology Educator -- Darryl.Mendonez@sbschools.org