Board of Education Meetings
The South Brunswick Board of Education holds regular meetings monthly, which are typically held on Monday evenings. The Board may take action at either meeting. Meetings are held in the auditorium of Crossroads North Middle School, 635 Georges Road, Monmouth Junction and begin at 7:00 p.m., unless otherwise noted. Please note that all meetings will include a confidential Executive session to discuss HIB matters prior to the scheduled Board Meeting. For meetings starting at 7:00 p.m., the Board will convene in Executive session at 6:45 p.m. For meetings starting at 7:30 p.m., the Board will convene in Executive session at 7:15 p.m. All meetings are advertised in local newspapers and, unless noted as confidential, are open to the public.

Board meetings are taped on their scheduled date and then replayed on Viking Television Network, Comcast Cable Channel 28 and Verizon FiOS Channel 36. Check VTN to view the rebroadcast schedule or view the schedule online by clicking here.

Replays of Board Meetings are also available through the VTN Player.  Click here to access the District VTN Player then select Playlists and then Board Meetings.

Members of the public are encouraged to attend Board meetings and to express their opinions on matters that appear on the meeting agenda or other topics. Time is set aside at each Board meeting for public comment. Although not required, the Board requests that residents who are interested in speaking at a Board meeting register with the Board Secretary’s office prior to the meeting by calling (732) 297-7800, Ext. 3110 and expressing such interest to Marcia Garitano. Residents will be heard during the two portions of the meeting designated for public comment.

Board of Education Meeting Highlights
May 16, 2011
Click here to watch online

All members were present.Report of the Student Representative Ms. Emily Packer reported recent events and upcoming activities at South Brunswick High School:

  • Student Council and Class Council elections are underway and the walls of the high school are covered in election posters.
  • The Viking Volunteers have been collecting stuffed animals to be used as prizes at a charity fair to benefit ARC and Central Jersey’s Special Olympics.
  • The Girls Spring Track Team won their sixth straight GMC Conference Championship and the Boys Track Team finished third in the GMC’s.
  • The Girls Lacrosse Team won their third straight GMC Conference Championship and will be home at Harvest Woods on May 17th for an NJSIAA game vs. Montclair.
  • The following teams will also be at home on May 17th:
  • The Boy’s Lacrosse Team vs. Watchung Hills for a regular season match-up.
  • The Baseball Team for the first round of their GMC tournament.
  • The Boys Volleyball Team will travel to Piscataway for the GMC quarter finals.
  • The Boys Tennis Team vs. Marlboro for an NJSIAA game.
  • The Boys Golf Team will be home (Bunker Hill) for the first round of their GMC tournament.
  • The Girls Golf Team will be at Bunker Hill May 25th for their GMC’s.
  • Congratulations to Cayla Del Piano who broke the school and meet record for the 800-meter at the recent South Plainfield Greater Middlesex Conference Track and Field Championships

Report of the Superintendent of Schools Dr. McCartney  was delighted to share the news that our "Intergenerational Partnership Program” ( an outreach program designed to engage our community’s senior citizens in our school community)    has been selected for inclusion in the Magna Best Practices Database by the American School Board Journal’s Magna Awards 2011. "Intergenerational Partnership Program” was one of only 114 highly-scored programs selected for this special recognition from the 359 nominations received this past year.  Some of the activities conducted annually over the last few years include inviting our senior citizens to a special showing of our District Arts Festival and Crossroads Middle School play.  We’ve also recently conducted an essay contest, “A Senior Citizen That I Love,” and students wrote essays and a panel of senior citizens read the essays and selected winners.

Magna Best Practices Database provides the education world with a valuable resource for innovative best practices, proven and practical solutions for big and small district problems, and new ideas. Each year, they select the highest-scoring programs from those submitted and add them to the database, where they will be available for at least five years.

Dr. McCartney previously reported that South Brunswick High School was selected as a “New Jersey School of Character” and was automatically entered in the national competition.  We are delighted to share that we have been informed that South Brunswick High School has been designated a "National School of Character" by the Character Education Partnership in Washington, D.C.  A total of 31 of 50 states participated in this particular program – and from those 31 states, just 44 schools were selected and SBHS is one of only three public high schools in the entire nation to earn this honor. We salute the entire staff of the high school, as well as the leadership of Principal Tim Matheney.  This award is a result of years of hard work by our exemplary staff, especially our Character Education Team, and a reflection of an entire organization and the high school staff that make character count on a daily basis. A complete list of the 2011 Schools of Character is available. 

Kindergarten Orientation for the Class of 2024 begins next week at our elementary schools! Students entering kindergarten this fall and their parents were provided a date and time and are encouraged to attend Kindergarten Orientation held at their school of attendance. Parents will learn about the kindergarten program while their children have an opportunity to interact with one another and the Kindergarten teachers.  If you have a student eligible for Kindergarten this fall who is not yet registered, please contact the school to schedule an appointment.

As a reminder, due to the inclement weather encountered earlier this school year, school will be in session on Friday, May 27 and Tuesday, May 31. (Both days were previously scheduled as days that schools would not be in session unless needed to make up inclement weather days.)

Our next Board Meeting, Monday, June 6, will be devoted to the recognition of members of our staff who have reached the milestone of twenty years of service to the District. This special recognition will begin at 7:00 p.m. and all are invited to attend to help celebrate their wonderful accomplishment. Recognition: 2010 – 2011 South Brunswick School District Retirees In the absence of Ms. Joanne Kerekes, Assistant Superintendent, who is a bit under the weather this evening, Mr. Richard Chromey, Director Program Assessment and Data Management, began the recognition by remarking that the thirty-one 2010 - 2011 retirees to be honored this evening have collectively given the School District 694 years of dedicated service! This evening’s recognition is made possible by District administrators, central office staff and district staff and students. Mr. Chromey paid recognition to the administrative team in the District who, because of their generosity, made it possible to present a small token of appreciation to each of our retirees. To honor each of our retirees, a book inscribed with the retiree’s name will be placed in our school libraries. Mr. Chromey thanked the District Librarians for their thoughtful assistance in the selection of the books and Regina Barbely and Anne Barringer for their behind the scenes work.

This evening is also brought to you by the students and staff of Crossroads Middle School – we are grateful for their spirit and energy. This year’s program cover was designed by Crossroads North students Jacqueline Aquino and Kevin Chen.  We thank them as well as their art teacher, Gayle Fine-Mihalko.  Our retirees and guests will be entertained by Crossroads South Vocal Ensemble under the direction of Ms. Lisa Lepore with the support of Supervisor John Ketterer. The students are: Archana Ahlawat, Nalin Aiyar, Chelsea Anglin, Mahathi Ayyagari, Nikhil Bagle, Jazmyn Berkeley, Ankita Bhatkhande, Marcus Blankstein, Adam Booker, Joseph Chang, Sharat Durbhakula, Aarona Fong, Jacob Garwood, Dylan Gleason, Eshani Goradia, Shawn Gumeny, Pritha Halder, Alec Hayes, Jessica Heyer, Bharat Kanwar, Kapil Kanwar, Jackie Kausch, Pradhita Kolluru, Harrison Kudwitt, Raymond Kwong, Samuel Liu, Sehweat Manna, Nazreen Mansoor, Sydney Miller, Ashay Morwale, Radhika Narasimhan, Srivats Narasimhan, Shruti Narayan, Peter Ng, Joshua Owens, Shriya Paritala, April Patko, Padma Radhakrishnan, Krishna Raman, Pooja Rampal, Sanjay Ravi, Sreyas Ravi, Samantha Resnick, Rishi Sane, Mason Satnick, Clare Scaccianoce, Samantha Stanford, Sruti Suryanarayanan, Chris Swierczek, Tiffany Tang, Sara Tenjerla, Eden Turner, Ashreeta Yalamanchi, Korede Yoloye, Tiffany Yuan, and Matt Zamorski.

Yearly in honor of our retirees, the Crossroads students are asked, “What do you think retirement is?” At the conclusion of the program, we will “hear” Words of Wisdom from students from the Omega and Neptune Units under the instruction of Language Arts Teachers Alicia Fultz (North ) and Sarah Pampinto (South) with the support of Supervisor Jan Gleim.  We thank everyone for their contributions to this evening’s program.

Administrators and Principals offered remarks about each retiree. The 2010 – 2011 Retirees and some notable quotes follow:

Joseph Anzek
His quick wit, impeccable timing, personal charm and snappy repartee rivals Letterman or Leno!

Bruce Aruta
A hard worker who was known for being a problem-solver.

Doris Bacon
“Live, love, be happy & remember – learning can be fun too!”

Barbara Bittner
Goes above and beyond, giving the extra attention.

Denise Bodnar
A great driver who loves what she does!

Janice Bolanowski
Shows support, compassion and caring to every one of her students and
to every colleague she encounters.

Elizabeth DeLucia
A consummate professional with exemplary work ethic.

Nancy Egan
Self-directed and took the initiative to benefit the children.

Marilyn Elman
Enjoyed chatting with students and wasn’t reluctant to share her grandmotherly advice.

Donna Fuller
A role model both as an employee and a person.

Nancy Geiger
A resource and a person who possessed a passion for her field.

Emily Gordinier
Came to work with a smile, which made our students smile!

Deborah Hill
Students love learning Français with Madame Hill

Doris Kelly
The Grand Master of bus paraprofessionals!

Kenneth Kowalski
Ken has educated himself to our “Community of Learners” in a way that cannot be measured.

Sandra Kowalsky
Sandy has been able to keep her sense of humor along with her youthful appearance – quite a feat!

Catherine Kujawa
A leader in many aspects of our Community Education programs.

H. Michael Lacey
His empathy and commitment have always been obvious and those
who have dealt with him sing his praises.

Cynthia McCray
Cindy has touched the hearts and minds of many students.

Gerry Myers
When you watch Gerry read to our children, you can see the children’s eyes light up!

Linda Nestor
A truly gifted and talented artist.

Raymond Pietrucha
A beloved colleague and a generous individual.

Barbara Pollini
Confident and continually maintains her professionalism.

Margaret Querec
She has done her work with sincerity, compassion and admiration for each individual student.

Lydia Slayback
A cool head in a crisis.

Honey Solomon
Honey’s name truly fits her personality!

Catherine Spahr
Warm, generous, pleasant, nurturing and compassionate.

Judith Spannagel
Wonderful artist and created beautiful drawings and murals for the school.

Patricia Taylor
Each child knew by her tender care that they had a special friend in the Nurse’s office.

Larry Witlen
Built relationships with his students and became their coach and cheerleader.

Mierins Zeltakalns
very upbeat and positive personality.

And some Words of Wisdom for our honorees from our Crossroads students:

Retirement means to kick back, relax and play Bingo.

Retirement is an empty space in our hearts but happiness for your family.

Retirement is awesome! You can do anything.  Anything!

Retirement means reassembling the puzzle pieces of your life.

Retirement means when you get to a certain age and you don’t have to work anymore
…because you’re old!

Retirement:  Something everyone wants when they’re young,
and no one wants when they get older.

Retirement is when you can stay in bed as late as you want, but you wake up early
to go feed the ducks as the sun rises.

Retirement is when you say to yourself, “OK.  I’m done.”

Retirement is a never-ending vacation.

Retirement means you can have fun without any burdens on your shoulders…
(Even if your shoulders are wrinkled!)

Retirement is when you know that you’ve made a difference in people’s lives
and left your legacy behind. You left your impact on the world. Now you can
step back, relax, and leave the world in another generation’s hands.

Retirement ~ Enjoyment; Rest; True peace and reflection after the
years of dedication you have given.

Time to Say Goodbye ~from the young to the young-at-heart!

In closing, Dr. McCartney congratulated our Retirees and thanked them for their investment of time, energy and talents all to a greater good. South Brunswick is such a wonderful place but only because of the investment our Retirees have made in the children of our School District.

On behalf of the Board of Education, Dr. Parker, Board President, thanked the retirees for their years of service to the children of South Brunswick and noted that in any organization employees are its greatest assets. You bring a wealth of knowledge and a depth of experience to the organization’s mission – a sense of dedication and continuity to its mission.  He remarked that our retirees would not be forgotten and quoted the late sociologist Dr. Pearly F. Ayre: “I have a deep and firm personal belief that each person in the whole world is really and truly the living and breathing and intellectual and spiritual sum total of all the lives that he has known and to which he has responded.  And to the degree that this is so, each of us lives on into infinity in the lives and the achievements of those we have known world without end.” Presentation:
School Nursing Services Report
District Nurse Educators Margaret Querec (Constable School) and Pamela Weis (Crossroads South) began the presentation by sharing some of the many responsibilities of our school nurse educators:

  • Advocates and serves as a liaison between the home, the school and the medical community regarding concerns that affect student learning
  • Provides formal and informal health education for students
  • Creates and maintains confidential health records on each student
  • Administers medication
  • Implements and oversees mandated state and district policies and trainings
  • Supports student safety and wellness
  • Develops and implements individualized healthcare plans and emergency healthcare plans for students with chronic and acute conditions
  • Supports healthy nutrition
  • Promotes a healthy school environment.
  • Promotes physical education and activity
  • Offers counseling and mental health referrals
  • Advances parent and community involvement
  • Promotes staff wellness

The complete School Nursing Services Report is available for your review.

Mrs. Bonnie Capes, Director of Professional Development, thanked the Nurse Educators for all that they do.  She shared some quotes from people describing how we value the work of our Nurse Educators: A nurse educator is much more than the title of nurse - a friend, healer, listener, educator to students and staff; A smiling face and a caring heart; Like a mom that lives at school; A shoulder to cry on and the magic to make a boo-boo feel better; Caring, compassionate, helpful; Keep our children healthy and ready to learn; Caring for all of us with expertise and compassion.

Dr. Parker thanked everyone involved in tonight’s report.  He noted that our District Nurse Educators are looking after the health and well-being of over 9,000 students every day – truly amazing!  Thank you! First Reading:
Policy 6163 (Finance) Advertising/Facility Sponsorship-District Property
The Board of Education was presented with this new policy for consideration. This policy will pave the way to enable the School District to create revenue opportunities to provide budgetary support for programs and services while at the same time ensure that such opportunities do not interfere with the mission and policies of the School District. Public Comments None were offered Board Committee Reports Mr. Boyle attended the recent New Jersey School Boards Association Legislative Event.  One of the items discussed was potential modifications to the current Charter School law.  (School district representatives at NJSBA’s semi-annual Delegate Assembly on Saturday, May 14, voted overwhelmingly to support the concept of voter approval of the establishment of new charter schools.) Mr. Boyle also informed the Board and public about a non-partisan group of former government officials who have put out a report called Facing Our Future.  The group hopes that the study will be seen as a neutral examination of the budget issues facing the state, so the public can begin to understand these issues without worrying that the numbers are colored by a political agenda. Continuing, Mr. Boyle reported that Pension and Health Care reform seem to have some momentum with the possibility of two separate approaches (Governor Christie vs. Sen. Stephen M. Sweeney) coming to some consensus.

Mr. Delgado reported that both he and Dr. Parker participated in the recent NJSBA Delegate Assembly (major policy-setting body for the New Jersey School Boards Association, and action by the delegates guides the Association in advocacy before the state Legislature, Congress and the courts).  In his opinion, one of the most significant resolutions brought forward dealt with Charter Schools.  Proposed by the Princeton Regional Board of Education, the new charter school policy enables NJSBA to support proposals before the Legislature that would require a school district’s voters at the Annual School Election to approve the establishment of a charter school.  (In the school districts where voters do not act on the budget, the board of school estimate would provide the approval.)  More information is available at NJ School Board Delegates Act on Charter School Approval, Tenure Hearing Payments.Board Comments and Communications Mr. Nathanson reported that SB PAL will hold a Wrestling event at SBHS on Saturday, May 21.  Tickets can be purchased at Pierre’s Deli and Confectionately Yours; Project Graduation Golf Outing is scheduled Friday, May 27. All proceeds benefit a safe, supervised, tobacco, substance and alcohol-free atmosphere for our seniors to celebrate graduation with their peers. The meeting was adjourned. Our next Board of Education meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 6, 2011, 7:00 p.m. at Crossroads North Auditorium, 635 Georges Road.  Staff who have served the District for twenty years will be recognized that evening.  Everyone is invited to attend this special recognition.

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